Demon Slayer Nezuko Body

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Description / Demon Slayer Nezuko Body

Demon Slayer Nezuko Body: a hentai fantasy come true

Seiraku launches yet another spectacular product with this 10 kg Demon Torso! With soft, realistic material, large bouncy boobs, an internal skeleton for sturdiness and an absolutely spectacular shape, this sex doll torso has everything we look for in a sex toy of this size. 

A Demon Form Nezuko sex toy: 10kg of demon-slaying goodness

This Demon Slayer Nezuko torso isn’t quite life-size, but it comes pretty close! She has a very curvy hourglass body shape with large and fairly round boobs, a narrow waist and wider hips with a firm round butt. The body has some nice details, like the shape of the bally and the back muscles which add to the realism. With the Nezuko it isn’t just your dick that will have a good time: your hands will have plenty to grab and your eyes will have more than enough to look at.

Two tunnels

demon slayer nezuko

Nezuko has two holes to offer you and both are around 15 cms deep. They both have a very different combination of dynamic textures, creating varied stimulation. Which one will you try first?

Be sure to use some high quality water-based lubricant and perhaps even a sex toy warmer for the best experience.

Nezuko's Pussy 

Nezuko’s pussy has a fairly realistic design, including the labia as well as the clitoral hood. Push your way in past Nezuko’s labia and you’ll feel the tight tunnel eagerly wrap around your shaft. After the tight entry there is a slightly wider area, and the combination of these two features ensures that lube is reapplied with each stroke without leaking out and making a mess. 

The next part of the tunnel starts off with a series of rings that glide over you one by one, followed by a tunnel lined with donut-shaped nubs for gentle and very pleasurable stimulation.

But that’s not where Nezuko’s pleasure ends… You can go even deeper! With a final push you can break through into her womb. With the cervix wrapped around you and the flexible fin-like structures massaging the head of your penis you probably won’t last long!

Nezuko's Asshole

Starting off with an even tighter entrance, Nezuko’s anal tunnel promises to be a wild ride! And it definitely makes good on that promise: small nubs, organic wavy folds and a series of rings combine into an intensely pleasurable tunnel, finishing with a little “end chamber” where several larger bumps massage the head of your penis.

Vacuum suction for extra pleasure

Nezuko’s tunnels have excellent textures, but there’s another thing that adds to the fun: vacuum suction! If you squeeze out the air before you penetrate her the tunnels will suck you back in with every stroke.

Vacuum suction increases blood flow, making you more sensitive and enhancing the pleasure even further.

demon slayer nezukoSoft Boobs

Some sex doll torso’s have big round boobs which look great but feel disappontingly firm to the touch. Seiraku’s Demon Slayer Nezuko Torso has a special gel implant that makes Nezuko’s breasts feel nice and squeezable.

The nipples also got a special treatment: they are poured with a pink material, rather than painted on. This means they keep their colour even if you play with them a lot.

Since the breasts are fairly full and placed closely together you can even use them for breast sex or paizuri, in the right pose. 

Extra realism thanks to internal skeleton

With 10 kgs of soft material you need something to give it a bit of sturdiness - unless you’re into women who flop about like pudding.

Demon Slayer Nezuko has a strong yet slightly flexible skeleton. It gives the sex doll torso a sturdy spine, but also forms a ribcage and a pelvis so that when you grab her it’s just like you feel bone under the soft skin.

The skeleton is strong enough that you can use her in different positions: try bouncing her up and down in your lap, for example!

Demon Slayer Nezuko Sex Doll Torso in short

This spectacularly shaped body of nezuko in demon form has everything you could ask for: great materials, stimulating, varied tunnels, soft breasts and a great shape. If you really want to treat yourself to something special, this might be the one for you!

10kg sex doll torso
2 tunnels
Has skeleton structure and soft gel boobs
Contains supportive packaging for storage


Chest circumference: 68 cm
Waist circumference: 46 cm
Hip circumference: 72 cm
Vaginal tunnel length: about 15 cm
Anal tunnel length: about 15 cm
Torso length: 52 cm
Torso width (hip-hip): 27 cm
Weight: 10.1 kg

demon slayer nezuko

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Customer Reviews

Very good!
Review by Nezuko kills Mikasa
Nice pussy and vagina....Cum many times inside. Want ask: Can doll get pregabnt>'>>.<?
Good but not for iternity
Review by Chaoz
I bought this Toy 5 months ago and its worth the price. But i can say that the tunnels are ripping after many uses.
Beside this fact, it can handle a rough play easily.
The back is also keeping his place. So i dont know what the past review writer is talking about.
Overall nice but literally lacks back
Review by J
Soft and nice to the touch, feels great but the internal structure that should be keeping the doll from bending is close to non existent.

More Information

Number of holes 2
Product weight 10,000.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers
Bone structure With bone structure
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