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Description / ONA Gun Mega Burst

ONA Gun Mega Burst - Bring out the big guns!

This hot, blonde cyborg wants you to treat her like a real girl. How could you say no, especially after she assures you she’s used to shooting big guns?

Merging human and machine: the perfect blend

Realistic pocket pussies are great fun: their lifelike shape and organic textures are generally a real crowd-pleaser. But why settle for that when you could experience something truly novel?

With the ONA Gun Mega Burst, outvision combines realistic properties with new designs, taking the best from both worlds. The ONA Gun’s material is soft and supple, like a woman’s skin. It’s easy to imagine a girl’s curves when you grab this pocket pussy! This lifelike material is combined with a completely new tunnel design loosely based on electrical cables and guns.

This fairly compact onahole is easy to use with one hand but still has thick enough walls to squeeze you a little. The tunnel length is indicated as 13 cms, but it definitely stretches to allow for more!

Innovative onahole-design

It’s hard to compare the ONA Gun Mega Burst’s design to any other onaholes, because it is so different. There is a central channel, lined with countless micro-ridges, but that’s not all: from there an explosion-like shape blooms outwards, leading to 10 smaller vertical channels. The thick ridges between these channels are flexible, coiling and writing around you when you slide inside. Squeezing, kneading or turning the pocket pussy creates incredibly unique stimulation.

Micro-ridges may look like they won’t be noticeable, but because they create a larger surface area they make the material cling onto your skin, just like a real pussy’s membranes do.

In addition to the long vertical ridges this futuristic pocket pussy has a lube reservoir at the end and at the start. The lube gathers here and gets reapplied with every stroke, ensuring that all the moving parts of this machine can keep moving smoothly.

When you plunge all the way inside you’ll reach the end zone: this narrow area has some more mechanical shapes, delivering some extra stimulation to the head of your cock.

Flexible design allows you to take control

Because of the 10 channels along the sides you could say that this onahole has both thick and thin walls at the same time: the thick ridges give the onahole some “squeeze” and keep you from feeling your fingers through the sides, while the thinner parts of the wall, located next to the channel, provide the Mega Burst with a lot of flexibility. Because of this you can take a lot of control over the stimulation: will you go for a simple in-and-out stroking motion or try something more adventurous?

In short

This innovative design offers a lot of possibilities. If you’re ready to try something completely unlike other onaholes, this is the perfect pocket pussy for you!

Using and cleaning the ONA Gun Mega Burst

As always, we recommend using a water-based lubricant with this onahole, as this is the safest for the material. The amount you use makes a difference with this onahole, experiment and see what you prefer!

Make sure to spend a little extra attention on the side channels when cleaning and drying this onahole. Check out our cleaning page for more information and some helpful tools! 

ONA Gun Mega Bust Specifications

Weight: 380gr
Length: 15,5cm
Width: 7cm
Tunnel length: 13cm
Material: TPE
Made by: Outvision

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My new Favourite :)
Review by Lukas
I was a bit skeptical at first since i expected this to be way over the top in terms of texture. Turns out its amazing. The Suction this creates is enormous compared to other toys, the stimulation is on the strong side but in a good way :)
Cleaning is fairly easy since you can just gently rub the sides of the tunnel together to clean the texture. The casting quality is pretty good to given the complex tunnel shape.
If i have to point out something bad as well its probably the material itself. Somehow its more "oily" than others, to the point where you can actually see a little oil shimmer on the water while cleaning, so try to keep it away from paper and strong/concentrated toy cleaners.
Review helpful?
Review by anon
This has the strongest suction i have ever come across than any other onaholes i would highler recommend this but get it with 3 small black or white cock rings and put them top middle and bottom its so much more enjoyable with those on.
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 380.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 130.00 mm
Open/Closed Open
Number of layers 1 layer
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