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Description / Paizuri Bakunyu I-Cup

When you see an anime girl with big, juicy titties, don’t you just want to grab them and squeeze them? Well, now you can! Magic Eyes made these incredibly large, beautifully shaped titties for you to play with.

Big, Juicy Tit Sex Toy: I-Cup

The illustration on the packaging depicts a sweet brunette standing over you, her large breasts almost in your face. The contrast with the pale, milky skin makes the pink nipples look even more inviting!

I-cup breasts may be uncommon in real life, but Magic Eyes still managed to make them look and feel realistic. The bell-shaped breasts have a narrower top and a fuller bottom - a very common shape for larger boobs.

The “valley” between the breasts is about 13 centimeters, which makes it very well-suited to use for paizuri, or as it’s called in English, tit sex.

Triple Layer Structurepaizuri

To achieve the lifelike feeling, Magic Eyes used three different materials in the creation of this sex toy. 

  • The light pink nipples are made of a firm, elastic material, making them feel like hard nipples. They’re still soft enough to squeeze, roll and pinch though!
  • The main portion of the Paizuri Bakunyu is made of Magic Eyes’ “Milky Material”: it feels soft, plump and pillowy. It jiggles just like real breasts do, and they feel very lifelike when you squeeze them
  • Chest material: the back of this tit sex toy is made of a firmer material, ensuring that everything stays where it’s supposed to: warping or folding would make the toy look much less appealing. Thanks to this sturdy base, the Paizuri Bakunyu is easier to move and handle.

Ways to spice up your tit sex toy

Looking for more ways to enjoy these bouncy boobs? No problem! You can easily dress them up with some hot lingerie or your favourite cosplay outfit. Just fold or tuck the excess material under the base and it will sit beautifully. You could even practice some Shibari or Kinbaku - Japanese bondage!

Another option is to use these titties with a dakimakura, transforming the 2D girl into one with large breasts to squeeze and enjoy.

One thing that’s important to know is that if you want to use the Paizuri Bakunyu for breast sex you should grab some good personal lubricant. Water-based lubricant will work great, since it is safe for the material and will give you a great stimulation. In case you want to dress this toy up, water-based lubricant is also easiest to wash out if you get any onto her outfit.

Magic Eyes' Paizuri Bakunyu in short

Measurements: 32x22x12.5 cm
Box size: 37x28.5x14 cm
Weight: 2700 gram
3 layer structure Magic Eyes Skin
Made by: Magic Eyes Japan

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More Information

Product weight 2,700.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Open/Closed Open
Number of layers 1 layer

International Reviews

Sehr gutes Feeling!
Review by Edan
Diese Brüste fühlen sich angenehm weich an. Von der Ästhetik her, sind sie meiner Meinung nach nicht so realistisch wie die Kiwami Namaichichi.
Diese haben einen recht pinken Ton an sich.
Das Gewicht hier ist weniger, was das Handling des Toys einfacher gestaltet.
Würde für den Realismus und der Größe eher zu Kiwami Namachichi greifen.
Die Qualität ist aber hier ebenfalls hochwertig!
Aber diese hier machen ebenfalls viel Spaß!
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