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Description / Funwari Paizuri Bakunyu Tanned Mega Breasts

Funwari Tanned Paizuri Bakunyu Mega Breasts

These incredible tanned “gyaru” breasts are some of the biggest on the market. Bury your head between these perky tits or cover them in lube and indulge in some paizuri until you shoot your load all over them! 

Tanned Japanese beauty

When we think about Japanese beauty standards, the porcelain-white skin is one of the first things that comes to mind, but there’s absolutely love for tanned girls, too. This new Magic eyes tit toy features a beautiful blonde tanned girl on the box, with a lacy black bra that can barely contain her huge breasts.

And the breasts look as good as the packaging promises - maybe even better! The total weight of the toy is a luxurious 2.7 kgs. The tanned breasts feel soft and lifelike when you touch them, and their size is absolutely impressive.

You may notice a little maintenance powder on the skin, since it’s more visible on this darker colour than on the lighter ones. This powder protects the skin, keeping it soft and smooth. If you want a different look, try rubbing lube or baby oil all over the breasts. It looks amazing!

Three-layer construction

In order to make them look and feel even better, Magic Eyes used several different materials in the construction of this tit sex toy.

  • Soft but firm base material provides a sturdy base layer to stabilize the toy during use
  • Milky material is soft and jiggly, making up the majority of the boob. It feels great when you squeeze it!
  • Nipply material is extra resilient and stretchy so you can play with the nipples to your heart’s content.

The Tanned Breasts don’t have an extra “softness implant” like some other models do. This means that the softness is more spread out and there’s no area where two different materials meet, making it a very resilient toy.

Using the Paizuri Bakunyu Mega Breasts

Use these enormous breasts to masturbate with, or to make your masturbation sessions even more enjoyable! Bury your head in the soft cleavage, lick and suck the nipples squeeze them or go for a titjob - whatever gets you going! Thanks to their lifelike size you can even dress them up with some cute lingerie or a cosplay outfit. 

Width: 32 cm
Height: 22 cm
Depth: 12.5 cm
Weight: 2700 g
Triple Material Construction
Material: Magic Eyes Skin
Brand: Magic Eyes
Free extras: A2 poster of Miruku Aihana and a sample bottle of thick lube

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The one I received might be faulty.
Review by Gergő
Mine has weird dents in it, and the separation of the materials seem a bit off, love the poster though. Gets the job done.
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More Information

Product weight 2,700.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Open/Closed Open
Number of layers 3 layers

International Reviews

Fast perfekt
Review by hexawing
Diese wirklich schönen und großen Brüste fühlen sich mit einem Top drüber super geil und geschmeidig an, und man möchte sie am liebsten den ganzen Tag in den Händen haben. Für dieses Gefühl gebe ich gerne 5 Sterne. Ich muss dazu sagen, dass ich sie nur als Stresskiller für die Hände nutze. Wenn der TPE Geruch nicht wäre, würde ich sie auch gerne mal zum kuscheln nehmen. Schade...
Um solch ein Produkt perfekt zu bekommen fehlen für mich persönlich noch genau zwei Dinge.
1. - der typische TPE Geruch muss weg
2. - beheizt wären sie doppelt so wooow
Vielleicht mal eine Anregung für den Hersteller?
Farbe, Form und alles andere sind wirklich sehr gut gelungen. Auch dafür gibt es von mir klare 5 Sterne. Vielleicht noch ein wenig weicher. Echte Brüste sind ein wenig weicher. Aber das ist nur ein winziger Manko.
Würde ich sie nochmal kaufen? Ich denke ja. Falls sie mal perfektioniert werden, definitiv jaaaa.
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