Meiki no Shoumei No. 12 - Eimi Fukada


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Proof of Quality File Meiki No. 12 - Eimi Fukada

NPG’s Meiki series is the stuff of legends: they are consistently high quality and a great place to start if you want a replica of one of Japan’s JAV actresses. Eimi Fukada has been granted the honour of being the 12th addition to the Meiki series, and if you ask us it’s a must-have.

Eimi Fukada’s Beautiful Pussy: Uncensored! Miki 12 NPG

It isn’t hard to see why Eimi Fukada is so popular: her cute face and incredible body make for a powerful combination. But there’s one part of her you might not see as often… Her pussy! A lot of Japanese porn is censored, covering the genitals with pixels. When you have this onahole you’ll always have an accurate reference for what Eimi’s pussy looks like! The star herself posed for this onahole, and a plaster cast was taken of her pussy.

This onahole features puffy labia majora. At the top, her clitoris is visible, framed by the delicate labia minora. The onahole is thickest at the front, where you enter. The main “body” of the toy has large ridges, making it easy to grip. And of course it also has the actress’ signature on it! The amount of detail is absolutely incredible: you can even see the texture of her skin on the labia majora.

Realistic Internal Structure

Spread the labia and you’ll get a glimpse of the inviting interior. While the outside is a pale pink, the inside is an intense, deep-pink colour. Be sure to apply some good personal lubricant if you want to enjoy this tunnel to its fullest!

The structures in this onahole are so varied and organic that it’s hard to describe them accurately. Every part of it is covered with fleshy ridges, pleasure bumps and protruding structures to massage your member with every stroke. It alternates between wider and tighter areas, which creates a great effect: it feels as though this onahole is eagerly grabbing onto you.

The No. 12 onahole has thick walls. This means that when you use it you won’t feel your fingers through the sides, but only the texture of the tunnel itself. Furthermore, The thick, springy material also pushes back against you when you slide inside, making this onahole feel nice and tight without being constricting.

Eimi Fukada VR Porn: The next level?

Eimi Fukada is one of the few Japanese porn stars who has done VR porn. Combining one of her VR videos with a toy designed to feel just like her pussy will be absolutely mind-blowing. Be sure to use plenty of lube and a sex toy warmer beforehand, so her pussy is wet, hot and ready for you!

Dual-Layer Design

This onahole is made out of two different materials in order to give you the most lifelike experience. The outside is a pale pink skin colour. It feels soft, fluffy yet firm to the touch, and while you can easily squeeze or stretch it it always springs right back into place. The inside is a deep pink, and this material is made to emulate a woman’s membranes: it almost feels as though it grabs onto you!

High Quality Onahole

It isn’t sheer luck that made N.P.G.’s Meiki series so popular: the onaholes are always well-made, inside and out. The casts taken from popular porn stars look amazing and add to the lifelike look. This manufacturer uses only high-quality materials which not only feel great but can also stand up to some wear and tear.

If you’re looking for a premium onahole, this series is a great place to start!

Proof of Quality File No. 12 - Eimi Fukada - Specifications

Weight: 600 grams
Onahole length: 17 cms
Tunnel length: 13 cms (estimate)
Includes: Poster of Eimi Fukada
Includes: Free bottle of onahole lotion (water-based lubricant)

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