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Description / Puff Puff weather 3.0

Puff Puff Weather 3.0 - Big & Bouncy 3 kg Oppai Paizuri Breasts

If you are looking for an oppai toy that has the perfect balance between realism and stimulation, Puff Puff Weather 3.0 is the perfect choice! Its softness is definitely a level up from other kinds of paizuri toys, so it’s funner to squeeze. At the same time, it delivers great stimulation for your member when you move between those big and bouncy tits.

The perfect breasts

What is the definition of the perfect breasts? Some would argue that there is none because some of us like them small and gentle, while others adore huge and bouncy boobs. But if you are looking for the perfect balance that’s also the best deal for your money, then Puff Puff Weather 3.0 is exactly what you need!

They are not too overwhelmingly big, so you can easily caress them and grip them with your hands. At the same time, they are amazingly soft and jiggly. Thanks to the thick arched base of the toy, Puff Puff Weather 3.0 can significantly enhance your paizuri experience. You can squeeze the tits hard and cup them around your shaft as you slide back and forth between the two round boobs for a stronger sensation.

Puff Puff oppai paizuri breasts wobble much better than other bust toys. The skin layer material is also very soft and realistic to the touch. Of course, the toy also has large and round pointy pink nipples for you to play with.

For your amazing paizuri experience

Magic Eyes manufacturer is well known for their highest quality Japanese sex toys. Puff Puff Weather 3.0 is an excellent addition to their vast collection of male masturbation products. The materials of the toy are safe, durable, and very realistic. The multi-layer structure of the breasts ensures your ultimate satisfaction and guarantees that you will be able to enjoy the toy for a long time, given the simple but necessary care. Wash the toy with warm water or sex toy cleaner after each use, and store them properly, for example, in a special bag. (links to categories). You can squeeze the breasts, slide your member in between with a bit of lube, lick them and play with the nipples.
Your imagination is the limit. The toy also comes with a beautiful A2 poster of an anime cowgirl to give your imagination and fantasy a little boost.

Are you ready to milk this cow? Order today!

Specs and Features:

Dimensions: 230 x 290 x 120 mm
Weight: 3 kg
Includes poster (A2 size)

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Incredibly soft and pleasurable
Review by BigGuy4U
The perfect paizuri toy in terms of size, price and feeling.

They're just big enough to be able to wrap around my member (I'm relatively average) and the texture and feeling of it, while not as realistic as I had hoped, is still incredibly pleasurable to both thrust into and grope. Voluminous and weighty while not being cumbersome.
The box and packaging it comes with are also really convenient and can be used as storage.
The only nit-pick I can think of is that the nipples aren't as detailed and are a little too large for my tastes.

Whether I'm looking for something quick to cool off or a lengthy self-pleasure session this toy is one of my go-to's. Would recommend to any paizuri and breast appreciators out there.
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Review by pietro
very high quality item, not immense so if you are looking for abundance maybe better to change but really excellent
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Product weight 3,000.00 g

International Reviews

Soft and squishy
Review by Genki
After 2 years of use i can say that the toy is holding up pretty well! i have used it lightly and always taken care of it so it barely has any marks, other than (just like another reviewer mentioned) a small cut on the right nipple. Which doesnt bother me and you cant see it unless you lift the nipple. Its very soft and squishy, sometimes i catch myself simply squeezing it for fun! Overall i would definitely recommend this toy if you are into soft things and paizuri!
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Very nice product
Review by Buckaroo
This toy allow for a lot of paizuri play.
I have a little damage on the right nipple but nothing major. I don't know if this is my fault or not.

My only problem is that they are not realistic in hand. A little too firm. But great for paizuri

Have fun
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Groß und weich
Review by DuH
Das Toy fühlt sich sehr echt an. Ist extrem weich und hat ordentlich Gewicht. Allerdings muss man damit entsprechend vorsichtig umgehen sonst kommt es schnell zu Rissen.
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