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Description / Pure Bride Idealism

Pure Bride Idealism: MagicEyes' new Virgin Torso

Part of the Pure Bride series, meet MagicEyes’ Pure Bride Idealism! Following the success of the Lolinco line of products, the Pure Bride series are short sex doll torsos that still give you something to hold on to. They make use of the same Lolinco character you know and love and the distinct tight virgin pussies. Made as an alternative to the Lolinco, the Idealism is made with bigger, more idealistic proportions.

A real woman’s torso would realistically be too heavy to hold continuously in your arms while using it the way you want to use a sex doll torso. The 5,8 kg Pure Bride Idealism on the other hand is comparatively much smaller and lighter. This way you can easily use it while hugging it, even while standing.

Mini Sex Doll Torso

According to the packaging, this not only slim, but also easy to handle real-doll torso has the “most ideal body”. This innocent body with beautiful breasts is ready to be hugged tight. The well toned belly feels soft to the touch, while the nice plump ass jiggles with every slap. The short arms and neck not only give you something to hold on to, but they also make your whole experience feel more genuine.


To make sure the Pure Bride Idealism remains beautifully shapely, even when holding with your arms, the Pure Bride has been made with an inner skeleton made of polyurethane. Going from the base of the neck, all the way down to both legs separately, the skeleton gives support all over the torso. It has been shaped in such a way that still allows you to enjoy the entire vagina without hitting anything firm. The little stumps left for the legs, arms and neck also don’t have the skeleton directly in them, meaning move around nicely while you thrust her pussy. The skeleton is thin enough for you to still be able to sink your fingers into her soft skin, and thick enough to give enough support.

Comparing the Pure Bride Idealism to other Sex Doll Torsos

Unlike other 10-20 kg sex torso's, the Pure Bride is much easier to handle with its 5,8 kg weight. This allows you to use her in many different positions quite easily, like hugging her while sitting on your bed. It can even be used in bath, with a floaty feeling you get in water allowing you to experience zero-gravity play. Compared to the Lolicon version, the Idealism has larger breasts and a more outspoken pussy.

Virgin Onahole

Unlike most sex doll torsos, the Pure Bride series focuses on a single vaginal tunnel. This is why you can expect a lot from this tunnel! With her well-defined inner labia, Idealism's pussy looks very inviting. Her pink insides are waiting in anticipation for you. The 15cm deep vagina still has the tough chastity membrane ready to be pierced by you. This hymen is followed by a tunnel with a crazy wild texture on its walls that will stimulate you more than any real vagina would.

In fact, the wall textures contain several distinct features. First off is the series of big ridges that twirl over the length of the tunnel. The surface between these ridges are covered with all kinds of bumps and lumps. As you near the end of the vagina, it suddenly tightens up again. This ‘cervix’ then leads to a more open ‘uterus’-like space, which has its own unique texture as well. Big ridges with smaller ridges on them, combined with the vacuum you are likely to create while thrusting in here, are sure to stimulate you like crazy!

Maintaining your Pure Bride Idealism

When it comes to the choice of personal lubrication you really can go both ways. Use a low viscosity/runny lube to make sure you feel all the detailed textures of the wild tunnel. Use a high viscosity/thick lubrication to enjoy sliding in all the way to the uterus with a natural feeling. Check out our [personal lubricants] and find the one for you!

As is the case with many tight onaholes, be sure to properly clean the inside of the tunnel. With all the nooks and crannies you need to make sure you get out everything, especially the small womb shouldn’t be forgotten. 

Pure Bride Idealism blank box option

gorgeous though the artwork on the box might be, some people are afraid that the artwork will get them in trouble. Of course we always ship orders discreetly, in a simple cardboard box with no branding, but if you think customs or a roommate might open your order and take offence at it, simply select the option without w=packaging. It will be jsut as securely packaged but have no illustrations or anything like that on it. 

Pure Bride Idealism in short

The Pure Bride Idealism is a light Mini Sex Doll Torso with one tight, intense, virgin hole, with a skeletal structure inside for stability. If you want a realistic mini-body with a tight, stimulating tunnel, this sex toy might be perfect for you! 

Weight: 5800gr
Length: 46cm
Width: 65cm
B:55cm W:40cm H65cm
Tunnel length: 15cm
Material: TPE
Made by: MagicEyes

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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 4,800.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 150.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers
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