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The Lolinco series by Magic Eyes has gained a lot of fame over the years thanks to their expertly designed tunnels with “virgin membranes”. This Pure Bride Lolinco is a beautiful dual layer sex toy which combines those virgin tunnels with a nearly life-sized body. Enjoy her slender curves, small breasts, cute nipples and incredible tight pussy!.

Pure Bride Lolinco sex doll torsoSlender body

This nearly life-sized torso sex toy has super soft skin that feels as great as it looks. The cute perky butt, slightly rounded belly and AA cup breasts are a real pleasure to touch and squeeze! Magic Eyes reinforced this 5.5 kg sex toy with an internal skeleton, and the feel of a ribcage and pelvis under the squishy flesh adds to the lifelike sensation the Pure Bride Lolinco provides.

Pure Bride Lolinco Measurements:
Breast: 50 cm
Waist: 40 cm
Hip: 64 cm

Pure Pussy

Just like the rest of Magic Eyes’ Lolinco series, the Pure Bride Lolinco will give you the experience of a girl who is ready to offer you her pussy for the very first time… But thanks to the resilient material you can have this experience time and time again!

This toy has a pussy with slightly puffy outer labia, and if you use your fingers to spread them you’ll see the pink inner labia just behind them. The entrance is deliciously tight, with a “dual gate” structure for you to push through, which feels a little like a hymen!

The Pure Bride Lolinco’s pussy is lined with subtle organic textures; folds bumps and ridged that caress you as you glide past. The pink “pussy material” is soft yet stretchy and clings to you the same way a real pussy does. The tunnel curves up, down and sideways a little, creating an immersive, lifelike experience which feels absolutely mindblowing in combination with the feel of her sexy body pressing against yours!

Want to try something new? Magic Eyes recommends bringing the Pure Bride Lolinco into the bath with you, where you can enjoy an almost weightless experience with her.

Not too big, not too small, but just right

The Pure Bride Lolinco weighs 5.5 kg and is 46 cm tall, the perfect size to bounce up and down in your lap. She’s big enough to provide some real weight as you hold her, but not so heavy that you’ll pull a muscle moving her around. The tunnel is also nice and long: 15 cms is more than enough for most men, and because of the soft material it will even stretch a little beyond that.

A benefit of larger sex toys is that the tunnels feel much better. Because there is more material around them, the walls “push back” against you just like the flesh and vaginal muscles of a real woman would, making it feel even more lifelike.

No issues with customs thanks to blank packaging

Now that many countries are tightening the rules around “young-looking” illustrations on packaging, without being very explicit about what is and isn’t allowed, it’s good to be careful. We sell the Pure Bride Lolinco in a blank box with no artwork on it, ensuring that you won’t have any issues if your order gets checked.

Pure Bride Lolinco in short

The same excellent tunnel design that we know and love from the Magic Eyes Lolinco series, but now in a beautiful torso sex toy. It’s hard to resist a toy like this!

Body length: 46 cm
Width: 25.5 cm
Bust circumference: 50 cm
Waist circumference: 40 cm
Hip circumference: 64 cm
Weight: 5.5 kg
Integrated inner skeleton
Dual-layer design
Includes free lubricant sample
Brand: Magic Eyes
Note: this version is sold with blank packaging, no illustrations

Additional Information

Brand Magic Eyes
Number of holes 1
Number of layers 2
Open/Closed Closed
Reusable Is reusable
Bone structure With bone structure
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 150mm
Product weight 5500gram
  1. Stunning Review by Lolinco

    Absolutely ridiculous. I have never felt an ona like this. Not to sound weird but I didn't realize a toy could actually feel this good. The weight is just perfect. The rib cage balances it so it really doesn't feel that heavy and it's easy to move around (and back and forth..)
    It's a closed hole so cleaning is difficult. Even my fingers dont reach the end of the hole. But I'd say it's worth it. (Posted on 5/24/2022)

  2. A lifechanger. Review by ManOfCulture

    This product is a must have. The petite shoulders, the slim waist, the ultra realistic feel thanks to the rib cage, this product really is a true work of art to satisfy all your needs. The interior is also as close to the real thing as it gets, even if its a tight fit.
    My only worry is the cleaning process, as it's both pretty deep and narrow, so it is difficult to completely dry without the right tools. (Posted on 5/16/2022)