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Description / Pure Bride Virgo

magic eyes pure bride virgoMagic Eyes is one of those brands that exemplifies Japanese sex toys for men: incredible materials, beautiful packaging and true attention to detail. The Pure Bride Virgo offers all this and more: the 1400g mini torso is an incredible product.

Mini torso onahole

Somewhere in between an onahole and a sex doll torso, the Pure Bride Virgo offers a lot of visual stimulation without being too heavy or unwieldy. The body has an elegant, fairly realistic shape. Little things like the curve of the belly, the shape of the hip bones and the ribcage make it look extra lifelike. The Pure Bride Virgo has perky E-cup breasts with cute pink nipples and a pussy where the inner labia are hidden by the slightly puffy outer labia.

The material feels just like a young woman’s soft skin, and running your hands over this curvy body is an absolute pleasure! While it may not be 1:1 size, there is more than enough to make it look and feel arousing.

Pure Bride Virgo: virgin tunnel

Magic Eyes combined different features from some of their most popular toys to make a tunnel that gives a stimulating “virgin’ experience, time and time again.

When you spread her outer labia you can see the clingy pink material on the inside. Apply some lube and slide in… Slowly! Shortly after the entrance slides around your glans you’ll feel a little resistance: the bright red hymen forms a gate for you to push through. The material here is a little firmer than the pink material that lines the rest of the Pure Bride Virgo’s Pussy, which makes it feel amazing as it clamps down around your shaft.

As if this isn’t enough, this mini torso onahole treats you to yet another gate. This time, it is a little softer and wider, but it also has a subtle organic texture that grips your skin and gives a little grip with every thrust.

Push even deeper into the Pure Bride Virgo and you’ll feel the donut-like tip of her cervix kiss the top of your glans. Let the soft, textured structure massage you, or go all the way and thrust through it, into her womb. In this innermost part a wide variety of folds, bumps and ridges envelops you, bringing you to a shuddering, inevitable climax.

The right material in the right place makes all the difference

MagicEyes uses a number of different materials in this onahole in order to ensure the best experience. Of course they all conform to Japan’s very strict safety regulations, so you can use this toy without any worries!

  1. Soft skin material: making up the main part of the Pure Bride Virgo, this material is soft and stretchy, but still offers enough firmness to keep its shape
  2. Pink nipple material: very similar in feel to the soft skin material, this material is used for the tips of the breast. This way the nipple colour won’t fade, no matter how much you play with them
  3. Pussy material: the pink lining of the tunnel is made of a “grippier’ material, delivering the perfect amount of stimulation.
  4. Virgin hymen material: this reddish-pink material is a little firmer, providing some resistance as you push through it.

Pure Bride Virgin in short

This mini torso sex toy by MagicEyes looks stunning, and the sensation of the different gates and hymens sliding over you is further enhanced by the clever use of their high-quality materials.

Onahole length: 23 cm
Onahole width: 13.5 cm
Tunnel length: 14 cm
Onahole weight: 1400 g
Brand: MagicEyes
Special quadruple material construction

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Unremarkable and a nuisance to clean
Review by Marcin
This toy is pretty big and soft, and as a result it's pretty unwieldy because it has no stabilising skeleton inside to keep it rigid, so it just flaps every which way when in use unless you hold it right or rest it on a surface and use it hands-free. Aside from the tight and nice entrance, the rest of the tunnel is nothing to write home about, and to be honest, the initial tightness pretty much overshadows anything else this hole has to offer. I couldn't even tell the difference between the two forks at the end. But what it lacks in internal stimulation it slightly makes up for with external, as you get some additional contact with the buttocks around your groin.

Its size also makes it pretty cold, so it may be advisable to put it in a basin of hot water before use so it's a bit more pleasant to use..

The biggest downside, however, is what a big bother it is to clean the insides of lube and personal deposits. Flushing under a stream of water is not advisable, again due to the fact that it's so unwieldy, so using a basin again may be a good idea. The entrance and its structures feel rather soft and delicate, so care should be exercised when drying so as not to rip the thing to shreds.

Overall, not recommended. There are much better products at less than half the price of this.

PS: The outer box is gorgeous.
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 1,400.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 140.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 4 layers

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Très intéressant
Review by Fred
J'applaudis le créateur de cette oeuvre
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