Quattro Natural girl

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Quattro Natural Girl

Magic Eyes Quattro Natural Girl, is an onahole that consists of as much as 4 different materials.

A young 18+ year old student, is the theme of the Magic Eyes onahole. On the box this clumsy girl drops her bag, because she slips over a banana peel. In her bag there are some school stuff, but mostly sex toys.

The Quattro Natural Girl is made of 4 materials, (hence the name Quattro) the outside feels soft and skin like. Under the most outer layer there is a firmer layer where the holes are. Both holes have their own different material layer.

Vagina Quattro Natural Girl: Loose en soft

Although the Quattro Natural Girl represents a vagina of a young woman she is not too tight or virgin like. The vaginal tunnel is very soft and pretty loose. A woolly or fluffy feeling might be a better description. The hole does have a small diameter, but due to the soft material it does not feel tight.

Quattro Natural Girl

In the photos above on the left you see; the vaginal opening. And to the right the anal opening.

After the opening a G-spot follows located on the top side of the canal. After that follows a curve downwards that is covered with ridges and studs. The tunnel ends in a gentle curve upwards.
The total vaginal tunnel is 135mm long. The end of the tunnel is closed, which gives her a suction effect.

size Quattro onahole

Do you cum fairly quickly and are most of the onaholes over stimulating for you? Then the Quattro Natural Girl is a delightful product to enjoy longer.

The anal tunnel:

The Quattro Natural Girl also has an anal tunnel. Two tunnels in an onahole in this price range is exceptional. The anal tunnel is an open-hole tunnel. This means that the tunnel is not closed off at the end but runs through the whole onahole. 
Because of this there is no vacuum effect and you can last longer.

Quattro Natural Girl

The anal tunnel has firmer and more stimulating material than the vaginal tunnel. She is covered with stimulating ridges over the entire tunnel.
The anal tunnel has a total length of 160mm, whereof approximately 135mm is covered with the special layer that gives more friction.

The material is, like we are used to with the Magic Eyes tested in the (JFRL) Japan Food Research Laboratory. So you can be sure that the product is not harmful for you.

Features Quattro Natural Girl

- Vagina: not perforated tunnel
- Anal: perforated tunnel
- 4 different materials
- Not sticky
- 500g heavy
- Free 15 ml lube is included

Additional Information

Brand Magic Eyes
Number of holes 2
Number of layers 2
Open/Closed Closed
Reusable Is reusable
Bone structure No
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 130mm
Product weight 500gram
  1. Amazing, except for durability Review by Chris

    i would given it 5 stars, because it just feels incredible to use, especially great for sensitive people, since it gently rubs you without being so intense that you'll finish way too quickly. easily one of the best onaholes that exist.... if it weren't for the durability of the material.
    i am usually quite gentle and slow, but even with me, it started tearing after the first time i used it. (both the outside, in this the entrance and the insides(tiny chunks of the material fell out each time i cleaned it, despite being incredibly careful and gentle). So yeah, if it was just a bit more durable(the inner tunnel also slightly deviated to the right, but that's not an issue to me and the anal tunnel is kind of pointless, since it's so thin. But the pussy is just pure heaven) it would be pretty much the only one worth buying for me. which makes it even more sad that it falls apart so quickly. (Posted on 10/2/2020)

  2. Wonderful feeling, but fragile Review by Tim

    The material is very soft and the texture inside has a really wonderful feeling. You can easily use this for longer sessions. My only worry is the durability of the material because of the softness, it is prone to breaking easily. (Posted on 11/11/2018)