RENDS is a Japanese adult toy manufacturer that develops high-quality sex toys for a wide market. They are perhaps best known for the R-1 and Vorze series, but they have a lot more up their sleeve!

Quality onaholes from Japan, for you

The RENDS development team focuses on excellence, innovation and customizability. They are not afraid to deviate from the standard in order to produce the best toys possible. Their Vorze Cyclone, for example, twists and gyrates around your cock, making it possible to masturbate without using your hands! You can even program your own patterns in order to match them to your favourite videos. Another aspect of customizability is shape: with the first A10 Cyclone you can add spacer rings to make sure it has the best fit for you, and change the cup insets to create a whole new experience.
This customizability is one of the strongest points of RENDS products.

Many of their designs, such as the Vorze Cyclone and the Piston Sex Machine have a stylish, futuristic design and the technology inside is highly advanced to match. We at Motsutoys personally hope to see their designs in the next Star Wars movie…

Onahole improvements

A final point of note: RENDS is open to feedback and will improve their products if necessary. If you compare the Vorze series to the first R-1 series you'll see that they made lots of improvements, and the new sexmachines from Rends are in every way more advanced. Both the engine, technology, operation and charging options are improved tremendously. When it became apparent that the engine of the Piston wasn't quite powerful enough for some users they started developing a successor which was going to be even better! Just “good” isn’t good enough for RENDS, they do everything they can to make the best products possible.

If you want a smooth, high-end experience, be sure to give RENDS products a try.

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Rends A10 Spacer set

Rends A10 Spacer set

Regular Price: €12.95

Special Price €11.95

Rolling Fella cup

Rends A10 Cyclone: Rolling Fella

Regular Price: €29.95

Special Price €22.95

Rends Peace 360ml

Peace 360ml

Regular Price: €24.95

Special Price €19.95

Rends MilQueen Masturbator tits

Rends MilQueen Masturbator Tits

Regular Price: €149.95

Special Price €137.95

Rends Ona Apron

Rends Ona Apron

Regular Price: €4.95

Special Price €2.95

Toy sack, doesn't come with the Meiki 5.

Toy Sack

Regular Price: €6.99

Special Price €5.95

Vorze sleeves

Vorze Cyclone SA Sleeves - 6 types Vorze sleeve

Regular Price: €39.95

Special Price €33.95

Motsu Starter kit

Out of stock

Storage sack for onaholes with zipper

Toy sack medium

Regular Price: €6.49

Special Price €5.95

Out of stock

Toy bag XXL

Toy Bag XXL


Out of stock

Rends R-1 A10 Piston sexmachine

Rends R-1 A10 Piston sexmachine

Regular Price: €229.95

Special Price €209.95

Out of stock

1 to 12 of 26 products

products per page:
Set Descending Direction