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Description / Ria-Man Tight Mami Sister

Ria-Man Tight Mami Sister

Looking for a soft and mild onahole that is also lifelike and tight? Ria-Man Tight Mami Sister is a perfect choice. It has amazing suction and a realistic insertion feeling.
With 420 grams of weight, the thick walls around the tunnel press you nicely. The onahole is also super soft and fluffy on the outside, replicating a real girl’s pubic area.

Amazing hentai onahole

Your fun will start even before you open the packaging! A pretty anime girl is illustrated on the box of the toy with her legs up in the air and pink panties tempting you to see what they are covering.
Her skirt is barely covering her cute little ass, and she is ready to invite you inside for fantastic pleasure. A hentai artist Murakami Ryouga did a great job with this box art, so you are going to feel aroused and ready by the time you take the onahole out of the box.

The exterior of Ria-Man Tight Mami Sister is made of soft material, pleasant to your touch. Thanks to the dual-layer manufacturing process, the inside of the tunnel is accurately colored in pink for realism. The onahole is very mild and soft, so you can play for a long time, bringing yourself slowly to the highest level of satisfaction. The starter lotion is included in the box, so you won’t need to bother with anything. Just place the order, receive the beautiful box with a soft toy and let the fun begin!

One of the most realistic onahole you’ve ever tried

The material of the onahole is an amazingly realistic imitation of a girl’s soft skin. You can twist and squeeze it any way you want. And when you are inside, the soft material can stretch just enough to accommodate you.

When you slide inside, you will be amazed by the realistic insertion feeling when you push through the tunnel's opening. Then you will feel multiple folding textures like wiggling protrusions that remind you of a natural woman’s vagina. The manufacturers ensured that this tunnel is a complete reproduction of the real thing. While gently wrapping you from all the directions, it stimulates pleasure with every stroke.

After the first part of the tunnel, you will come to a tight second entrance to the wider area. This part delivers an excellent stimulation for the sensitive head of your member as you push with a little pressure through the narrow part of the tunnel into the uterus. Then you enter an end chamber with slippery walls that stick tightly for you to fully enjoy the feeling of life. For the best experience, try to squeeze the air out of the onahole before using it.
The toy provides a super vacuum for you to experience the most realistic feeling.


Soft and stretchy
Dimensions: 135 x 95 x 95 mm
Weight: approx. 420 g
Includes a sample of lubricant

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Good enough
Review by Lds
This is a small onahole for quicks sessions. Maybe too soft but still feels good.
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Great toy, medium price
Review by Unknown
Great toy but lacks on lenght, not recommended tor large penises
Review helpful?
I don't know what to think
Review by Unknown
Product came with a small tear that was barely visible, less than 2mm.
But after a few uses, the tear widened to 2 or 3cm and a 2nd tear started showing up in less than a week

However, the service from Motsutoys was perfect, they offered me an exchange as soon as I told them.
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Product weight 420.00 g

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Ein gutes Produkt
Review by Anonym
Fühlt sich gut an
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