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Description / Shifuku No Meiki

Shifuku No Meiki 

The Shifuku No Meiki is the newest addition to NPG’s Meiki line, which is known for its realism and excellent material. This luxury onahole has a beautiful level of detail and weighs a whopping 1kg! While there are of course hips, torsos and mini sex dolls that weigh more this kind of size is pretty rare for a pocket pussy.

Beautifully shaped onahole

Looking at it from the front you can see the Shifuku No Meiki’s heart-shape: two round butt cheeks curve around and taper to a point at the highest point of her pussy. The clitoral hood and labia are lifelike, but a little simplified to keep them from damaging easily. The broad front is great to slam yourself into, while the narrower backside is easy to grasp and can even be moved around in a circular motion for some unique stimulation.

If you spread these pink lips apart you’ll get a glimpse into the realistic interior. We bet you’ll have a hard time deciding which hole you want to explore first: the pink pussy or the tight-looking asshole! To make it even harder, read on and find out more about the inner structures…

Tight and realistic pussy

Just like we’ve come to expect from NPG, this new addition features a lifelike tunnel. The red inner material aren’t just for show: it’s been developed to move and stretch just like a real pussy doesn, delivering the most realistic stimulation possible.

The entrance features a slightly wider area, which holds lube and reapplies it with every stroke. When you push deeper you feel the tunnel tighten around you, enveloping you with its subtle folds and bumps. After a couple of centimeters the tunnel curves sharply, creating a stimulating pleasure bump on the underside - or the top, depending on how you’re using it! Before the end the Shifuku’s tunnel curves again slightly, leading to a tapered end.

Stimulating and tight ass

The tiny asshole may look like it’s only there for decoration, but don’t be fooled: it has a tunnel behind it and even has a hidden dual layer structure.

The first smooth part of the tunnel is incredibly narrow and squeezes you just like a real sphincter. The tunnel that comes after consists of several ring-like ridges, gliding past you one by one. It is lined with the same material as her pussy, delivering the perfect amount of stimulation.

While this tunnel isn’t as long as the pussy, it is great to be able to switch between two different holes.

Shifuku No Meiki in Short

This onahole is another jewel in NPG’s crown: if you’re looking for realistic sex toys for men there are few brands who so consistently deliver such great products. The Shifuku No Meiki is an excellent onahole with two different lifelike tunnels. It’s best enjoyed slowly: hammering away at this onahole might make you miss the delicious curves and details of this onahole.

Shifuku No Meiki specifications

Vaginal tunnel length: 11.5cm
Anal tunnel length 9cm
Width: 11cm
Weight 1000gram
Brand: NPG

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More Information

Number of holes 2
Product weight 1,000.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Neutral
Tunnel length 115.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers

International Reviews

Review by Koning Willem Alexander van Oranje
Eerst was mn vrouw haar hond altijd de lul maar nu pak ik toch liever dit geil stukje plastic
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