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Shifuku No Meiki

The Shifuku No Meiki is the newest addition to NPG’s Meiki line, which is known for its realism and excellent material. This luxury onahole has a beautiful level of detail and weighs a whopping 1kg! While there are of course hips, torsos and mini sex dolls that weigh more this kind of size is pretty rare for a pocket pussy.

Looking at it from the front it is heart-shaped: two round butt cheeks curve around and taper to a point at the highest point of her pussy. The clitoral hood and labia are lifelike, but a little simplified to keep them from damaging easily. If you spread these pink lips apart you’ll get a glimpse into the realistic interior. Not only is this pocket pussy lined with countless nubs, folds and ridges, it also curves in several places to create a little extra pressure at several points.

Need more? The Shifuku No Meiki also has a tight little asshole. It is lined with the same material as her pussy, delivering the perfect amount of stimulation with a series of rings. While this tunnel isn’t as long as the pussy, it is great to be able to switch between two different holes.

Shifuku No Meiki specifications

Vaginal tunnel length: 11.5cm
Anal tunnel length 9cm
Width: 11cm
Weight 1000gram
Brand: NPG

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