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Description / Shin Meiki Kaho Imai

Shin Meiki 1 Kaho Imai - Porn Star Inspired Realistic Dual-Layer Onahole

Do you like watching porn with beautiful Kaho Imai? Do you enjoy quality time masturbating with a great onahole? Do you appreciate true realism in male sex toys? If you answered ‘yes’ at least to some of these questions, then Shin Miki 1 Kaho Imai will be an excellent choice for you!

Meiki in Japanese means a ‘legendary sexual organ’, and the word is used only for onaholes that become the top pride of the manufacturers.
Japanese sex toys companies are well known for the best quality toys in the world already. So, if this toy is one of the best, even by their highest standards, then this should definitely be a must-try, in our opinion!

Just like having sex with a porn star

Shin Meiki 1 is made especially for fans of JAV start Kaho Imai. If you are not familiar with the work of this young Japanese porn star, you should take a look at some of her films! Kaho Imai’s adult career has taken by storm since she debuted in 2019 and made masturbation so much more pleasant for many men all over the world.

The onahole is a 100% accurate reproduction of her sexy lady parts based on a mold of her body. With this onahole, your dream of having sex with a porn star can become an everyday reality!

Amazing realistic experience

Nippori Gift did a wonderful job with this dual-layered sex toy! It’s highly realistic both on the inside and outside. The exterior of the onahole is super soft and has hefty thick walls that provide tight pressure all around as you move inside. The material is skin-like and has a natural texture and gloss that is pleasant to the touch.

The inside of the onahole is painted in a realistic pink color like Kaho Imai’l blood-engorged vagina. But there is more inside than meets the eye. The texture of the tunnel features an excellent design, specially made for intense stimulation. You will feel multiple bumps, ridges, and “G-spots” along the tunnel, and it will take all your effort to restrain yourself from getting off quickly. The tunnel is spiral-shaped, so you will experience incredible pleasure all over your shaft as you move in and out of the tight hole.

Together with the toy, you will also receive a lotion sample. So order now and enjoy your porn star vagina any time you desire.


Dimensions: 177 x 110 x 87 mm
Weight: 820g 

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Not up to the N.P.G. standards
Review by Federik
Honestly I bought it because I love Kaho Imai and I own a lot of N.P.G. onaholes, but this one it's on par with the others, the material it's similar but not quite, to the No. 12, bit more hard, and strangely enough it offer less stimulation, I don't know what's the issue with this one, but could be me..
Easy to clean, not reccomended at full price, buy it on discount if you like the actress, or you want to try a more hard material from N.P.G.
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Product weight 820.00 g

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