Mure Girl, Shopkeeper, Black Tights & Foot Odor Fragrance


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Mure Girl Idol Black Knee-socks & Foot Smell Fragrance

Do you enjoy fantasies with pretty anime girls in black knee-socks? Let’s be honest, who doesn’t? Now it’s possible not just to watch some videos and use themed masturbation products, but also to engage your scent to enhance the experience. Smelling the stuffy smell of a sweaty Mure Girl Idol in her black knee-socks can make your satisfaction incredibly real.

Order the fragrance today to try! The product also comes with a pair of socks, so you can spray a small amount of the scent onto them. It is strong and realistic, so it will stay on the stockings for a long time.
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Product number: TMT-1553
Box size:
Hight: 160mm
Width: 120mm
Diameter: 70mm
Mass: 60g
Capacity: 115g
Product size:
Knee-socks: Black, Free size
Width 20mm
Depth 20mm
Height 85mm

Additional Information

Number of holesNo
Number of layersNo
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length0mm
Product weight0gram