Smell of Female College Student Perfumed Lubricant


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Smell of Female College Student Perfumed Lubricant

Immerse yourself into the experience by stimulating all your senses! This scented lubricant doesn’t just feel good, it also smells amazing.

Feminine smell

Some smell fetish products try to capture a very specific scent, for example the smell of the rubber-soled shoes worn in Japanese schools. This perfumed lubricant takes a different approach and goes for a generic but very enjoyable feminine smell.

TamaToys doesn’t give a real description of this scent, but it is a flowery, sweet and clean smell, combining the smell of clean clothes and freshly washed hair. It is much more diluted than in erotic perfumes, so Smell of Female College Student Perfumed Lubricant won’t be overpowering even if you like to use a lot of lube.

Some onaholes have a slight smell to them, which some people find unpleasant. It usually fades after a couple of washes, but if you want to get rid of the smell right away this lubricant will cover it up nicely.

Feel every detail

This lubricant is fairly thin compared to other Asian lubes, which means you’ll be able to feel every ridge, bump and wave in your onahole. If you want to enjoy every inch of the design, thin lubes are the way to go!

If you currently have an onahole that’s a little boring or understimulating, grabbing a thinner lubricant might help.

In short

Smell of Female College Student Perfumed Lubricant is a thin, high-quality lubricant which adds a pleasant feminine smell to your onahole.


Scented water-based lubricant
120 ml plastic bottle with snap-cap

Additional Information

  1. Probably the best choice for starters Review by Sami

    Best fragranced product I’ve yet tested! Also very handy because this is lube, so no separate smell bottles are required. The fragrance is not strong, and is a flowery type “body-like” smell. Also the lube is great quality, although in longer sessions tends to dry a bit faster than for example honki jiru. (Posted on 8/27/2018)

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