Smell of the Girls' Toilets

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Smell of the Girls’ Toilets

Smells can be a very powerful trigger for some… They can bring back memories and make you feel like you’re somewhere else. Tamatoys developed a special range of erotic perfumes, not just for those with a serious smell fetish, but also for everyone who’d like to engage ALL their senses!


There are many places where you’re not allowed to go as a man, and the women’s toilets is definitely one of them. Here, women gossip, apply their makeup, check their outfits and use the toilets. If you have a fantasy of peeking in this room, you’re definitely not the only one! This kind of taboo can really make your imagination start running wild.


The “Smell of the Girls’ Toilets” perfume doesn’t smell like a dirty toilet in a gas station. Instead, this scent smells like a well-kept bathroom, with smells of perfumes and citrus-like soap. It smells clean and very feminine.

How to use smell fetish perfumes

If you twist off the cap entirely and smell the bottle, you’ll notice that the smell is fairly overpowering and unpleasant. The best way to enjoy this smell is to spray it onto something, like an onahole or a pair of panties. Let it sit for a minute or so to let the volatile component evaporate. Now it’s ready! Depending on how you store the item, the smell will be noticeable for quite a long time. Note: you only need a very small amount of this smell, it is quite potent! Start with one single pump of the spray, you can always add more later if you want to.


10 ml glass bottle with spray nozzle
Comes packaged in a protective cardboard sleeve and illustrated box
Made by Tamatoys

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