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Description / Smell of a School Girl's Hair

It might not be the first thing you think of when you think about how to improve your masturbation, but perhaps it should be: erotic smell perfumes. Your sense of touch gets taken care of with an [[onahole or with your hand, your sense of sight and sound with some porn… How about your sense of smell? Your nose is a surprisingly powerful organ and scents can create powerful associations or bring back memories.

Tamatoys is the expert when it comes to erotic scents and this one smells like a school girl’s scalp. That scent you catch a whiff of when you hug a pretty girl or bury your face in her hair during sex, bottled up just for you!

The bottle may be small, but the smell is very concentrated: spray a small amount where you want to have it and give it a couple of moments to sink in and develop.

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