Smell when a school girl is put on the passenger seat of a car


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Tamatoys is always eager to explore interesting niche concepts, and this is reflected in the range of erotic perfumes they carry. They are designed to stimulate the senses, evoking a physical reaction through smell.

This particular smell is called “Smell when a school girl is put on the passenger seat of a car”, which is definitely one of their more specific ones so far. But don’t let that put you off: the smell itself smells fresh and girly, and when you use it it’s easy to imagine there’s a girl right there with you.

Most erotic perfumes we carry need to be applied to something, like a pair of panties. This one, however, just needs you to remove the lid. The scent pearls inside will spread the smell through the space. This way you won’t have to hold something up to your face, and there’s no risk of the perfume staining or damaging anything.

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Bone structureNo
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