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Sujiman Kupa BIG Rina

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The Sujiman Kupa BIG Rina:

We don't stock the small Kupa Rina; the model is already a little older, and with its 265 gram it is quite small. But we are very happy with the Sujiman Kupa BIG Rina!

This model measures an impressive 17,5 cm long and weighs 600 gram. It is comparable to NPG's Meiki, which is sold for approximately € 80.

size big rina


If you've never tried a Magic Eyes artificial vagina, it is high time! This detailed, dual-layered onahole currently offers the best value for money in the market of sex toys - it is simply a must-have!

Magic Eyes' Sujiman Kupa series is characterized by the lush, full labia. Sujiman Kupa is Japanese for Camel Toe, which describes the view of the outline of the woman's labia majora through tight clothing.

Behind these soft, sweet lips you will find the entrance of the vagina.

 inside the realistic vagina

The exterior feels smooth like a young girl's skin, just like you have grown accustomed to with Magic Eyes products.  The interior feels different, as described below.


The tunnel of the Sujiman Kupa BIG Rina consists of three parts. 
The first part, just after the entrance, is covered with small studs, and is equipped with a large G spot.  The G spot provides great stimulation, both in the missionary position, as when you turn the vagina over.

 Big rina tunnel

The middle part is ribbed, with a curved narrowing.

Towards the end you enter a deeper chamber that holds and envelops the tip of your penis, just like a proper pussy.
Because this artificial vagina is closed off, it creates a very strong vacuum.

The image below shows a close-up picture of the tunnel, with descriptions for each part:

 Sujiman Kupa BIG Rina

The Kupa Big Rina is beautifully packaged, so the excitement starts with unwrapping! It comes with a bottle with 15 ml lubricant. 

This artificial vagina has a thick wall, a detailed tunnel, and the design is overall very beautiful. It creates fantastic sensations, and with its excellent pricing it has already become one of our favourites!

Product Details: 

600 gram
17.5 cm long
- Magic Eyes smooth AG+ hygienic and odourless material 
- Dual-layered
- Not sticky
- Flexible, and creates a great vacuum

We warmly recommend the Sujiman Kupa BIG Rina.

Additional Information

Brand Magic Eyes
  1. Very good onahole for average size people Review by samisami

    I’ve had this onahole for quite some time already and the quality is very high. No problems in material strength or hygiene whatsoever. Also the softness and the bigger size make it easy to use for a longer time. Easy to clean and maintain. (Posted on 8/27/2018)

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