Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Crystal Hard


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Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Crystal Hard

The famous Lolinco series just got another addition! The beautiful mini-body design now has a crystal clear outside and a deliciously stimulating pink inside. The harder material makes the Suzimankupa Lolinco Crystal Hard more intense than its predecessors. 

Additional Information

Brand Magic Eyes
  1. high-grade Review by Riva

    Special feature: none

    1,0 ★ no cavities

    1,25 ★ almost no changes after about 10 uses, only small chuncs of the inner layer are coming off

    1,25 ★ very firm material, tight, some ribs

    0,25 ★ lubricant included

    3,75 ★ ★★★★☆

    My opinion:
    The onahole has the form of a loli. It has small breasts, on the back a visible spine, a small butt with an anus and of course the typical "Sujiman Kupa" hole. The material on the outside feels really great, it is not sticky. The labia prevents the lubricant from flowing out while using it. The inside is made of another material than the rest of the onahole. It is softer than the transparent material. The tunnel is very tight and pushes inserted objects out. Also the tunnel is slightly curved and will therefore exert much pressure. The soft inner layer of the tunnel is delicate and should be carefully cleaned. The tunnel is relatively smooth and the stimulation is mainly caused by pressure.

    My summary:
    Firm material and a very tight and curvy tunnel provide stimulation through high pressure.

    My summing: ★★★★★ (Posted on 12/7/2018)

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