Taimanin Asagi Zero Miseijyuku no Bijyo

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This mini sex doll torso is one of the curviest we’ve seen: most onahole are pretty flat, but this one has genuinely great boobs that give you something to look at or fondle while you’re having fun.

Taimanin Asagi: Demon Hunting Ninja

Often the cover girls for onahole get designed specifically for the purpose, but this is not the case with Taimanin Asagi. This busty girl started as a game character, and gained more fame as the star of a short Hentai series where she fights demons in an illegal fight ring, and the winner gets to do whatever they want to the loser… While the crowd watches, of course!.

Even if this type of plot is not up everyone’s alley, Taimanin Asagi’s looks and outfit are undeniably hot, and have been captured beautifully in the onahole!

An unusually busty onahole

The flatter and smoother the onahole, the easier it is to make. Every curve and edge is a potential problem spot: it might make it harder to take the onahole from the mold, or little air bubbles may form on the toy’s surface. However, PxPxP has developed their onahole making technology enough to tackle these problems, allowing them to make a 530 gram onahole with curves you usually only see on a full sex doll torso.

The Taimanin Asagi Zero Miseijyuku no Bijyo has large breasts, a slender waist and a round butt. The curve of her back further accentuates her body’s curves. To make it even better, Asagi’s iconic outfit is a part of this onahole and you can even see the fishnet pattern at the narrowest part of her waist. These straps definitely add a little extra visual appeal and make the onahole look more like the character.

A pocket pussy that even pleases demons

So what’s this pussy that gets all these demons so hot and bothered? Apply some personal lubricant and use a sex toy warmer to get it up to body temperature, and you’re ready to start exploring.

The entrance is a simple coin slot style hole that easily stretches to admit you inside. There are three main parts to this tunnel, and the first is what PxPxP calls “undulating meat folds”. These deep textures grip onto your skin and are very stimulating - you might want to go slowly at first! After this, the tunnel tightens and curves upwards, creating a narrower section you have to squeeze through. While the wall’s textures here are subtler it is still stimulating thanks to the tightness. This third section mimics the first: deep, stimulating textures cling onto you here, delivering delicious stimulation.

All in all, the tunnel is pleasantly intense. When you push inside you can see Asagi’s stomach stretch as you fill her up - it isn’t hard to imagine being one of the demons from the game or animation, torturing her with sexual pleasure!

Taimanin Asagi Zero Miseijyuku no Bijyo summary

Onahole length: 15 cm
Onahole width: 9 cm
Onahole depth: 7 cm
Tunnel length: 13 cm
Onahole weight: 530 g
Made by PxPxP

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