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FlipHole Black

FlipHole Black

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Tenga Flip Zero

Tenga Flip Zero

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Tenga was established in 2005 and is based in Tokyo. The name Tenga means 'justly organised and elegant'. Tenga chose this name because they did not want to be associated with a vulgar image of sex.

The company strives to create premium new products.

They purposely avoid erotic or sexual imagery in their designs and promotion - quite a contrast with how the majority of the sex toy producers market their wares.

Tenga employs Masanobu Sato, the man that holds the world record for masturbating. He set his record with the help of Tenga Cups and managed to masturbate for an incredibly long period: 9 hours and 33 minutes!

Tenga Products

Tenga is not only famous for the Tenga Cups. They also produce the ever-popular Fliphole - still by far our favourite Tenga product.

The Tenga Fliphole has a very stimulating structure and is really easy to clean.

Because of their remarkable designs, Tenga is also referred to as the 'Apple of sex toys', and the Fliphole would not look out of place on your desk.

It is available in four colours, each model with its own structure.

Tenga also produces three types of lubricant, with various degrees of thickness and viscosity. These three Tenga lubes are supplied freely in small bottles with any Fliphole, but can also be ordered in 170 ml bottles.

In 2014, Tenga launched the reusable Tenga Cups: the Air-Tech line. These can be used again and again, and create a strong vacuum. In addition to these Tenga Cup models, there are the Tenga Vacuum Controller Cups - suitable for the Tenga Vacuum Controller. This Vacuum Controller creates strong suction. So much so that, when used together with the VC Cups, it can even be used as a penis pump.

Perhaps one day, you'll find Tenga Cups on the shelves of your local drug store. Tenga produces fantastic sex toys with a discreet and stylish look, guaranteed for hours of pleasure.

And how about the guys that want a more realistic look? They may be better off with an artificial vagina!

Ordering Tenga

Of course you buy your Tenga gear from We have been specialised in Tenga products since 2008. We have a large supply of Tenga toys in stock. 

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