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Description / Moe Meat CQ

Moe Meat CQ 

This new onahole by Ride Japan has a dual layer design. The outer layer looks and feels just like real skin, while the red inner layer is designed to give the exact right amount of stimulation. The internal structure is one of the most detailed we’ve seen so far!

Moe Meat CQ: first impresion

The Moe Meat CQ looks like a fairly standard onahole, but with slightly larger labia. These labia will cling to you and feel great with every stroke. The 400 gram weight means that the onahole’s sides are thick enough to feel solid and realistic, but it’s still light enough to use one-handed. The onahole is 17.5 cms long, with a tunnel that measures about 15 cms - long enoguh for most people.

Dual-layer structure

Many onaholes have a dual-layer structure, but the Moe Meat CQ does it particularly well. The outer “skin” layer feels soft and supple, like a young woman’s skin. You can really dig your fingers into it! The strikingly red inner layer is a little firmer, and gives fairly intense stimulation.

Detailed structure: textured tunnel with a womb at the end

Of course material is only one aspect of the stimulation! The internal structure of the Moe TMeat CQ is a “better than real” design: not made to copy a real vagina’s structure directly, but rather to recreate the feeling by using the best textures available. There are four distinct zones.

When you slide into this semi-realistic masturbator you’ll feel the labia and the tight entrance wrap around you. The tight entrance forms a seal around you, keeping the lube in and generating a sucking vacuum.

The next part of the tunnel has several bulges that are covered in micro-ridges. These micro-ridges might not look like much, but they really grip you and create some extra “pull”. Following this are two large pleasure bumps that are covered in smaller nubs. One of these will rub over you from the top, the other will hit the frenulum, the sensitive spot on the underside of your penis. By twisting and turning the onahole you can make these spots hit you exactly where you want them to.

The final area of the Moe Meat CQ is the womb. You have to push through the delicately lined cervix, and this small but flexible part will wrap around the head of your dick. The inside of the womb has subtle nubs to massage the head of your penis, which feel good without being overstimulating.

How to clean your Onahole

If you want to enjoy your onahole again and again it’s important to take good care of it. Of course your masturbator needs to be cleaned after every use. Thanks to the Moe’s fairly compact size you can easily rinse it out under the tap. Rinse it thoroughly and then squeeze out as much water as possible. Then, dry the inside as well as you can. You can do this by pushing an absorbent cloth in or using one of our special drying sticks. The final step of the cleaning process is to apply maintenance powder to the outside. This may not be necessary every time: run your finger over the outside of the onahole to feel if it’s sticky or rough. If it is, dust some powder over the outside to restore the soft outer layer that repels dust and dirt.
If you have any questions about cleaning, feel free to contact us!

Properties of the Moe Meat CQ

Onahole length: 17.5 cm
Onahole width: 7 cm
Onahole weight: 400 grams
Tunnel length: 15 cm
Country of Origin: Japan

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Customer Reviews

Amazing stimulation for a good price!
Review by massimo
The best I've had amongst all the ones I've grabbed so far. Or at least top 2 or 3 with them all being great.... Very much worth getting especially at it's price.
Be gentle!
Review by Gergő
Pretty good, but the two materials started to separate sooner than expected.
Pretty good
Review by Momo
I like it a lot, it's soft, doesn't smell bad, the stimulations are pretty good and the vacuum created buy the end chamber is great.
Unfortunately, the very first use, one of the bumpy things tore off, very sad? Other than that, it's a solid choice, just be aware that the inner layer will eventually peel off, which is what started happening to me after the tenth wanking session.
Would recommend.
great feeling
Review by Den
This toy feels nice the insides carress you gently like the real insides of a woman (just look at those detailed insides and you can imagine). It smells a little out of box which is the case by a lot of onaholes. Cleaning isnt too difficult here either. I think Ride makes really nice onaholes and they know what they are doing. For me this was a must buy and im very pleased with this purchase.
Feels very good
Review by GreyZeta
After spending a lot of time trying to decide what would be my first onahole, I went with this, and I am definitely not disappointed.
I was surprised by how soft the material is (I have previously bought a western pocket pussy, which I wasn't too pleased with, and its material was much harder than this one), but it does give a very pleasurable stimulation.
Even just twisting it around feels quite stimulating.

More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 400.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 150.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers
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