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Description / Utensil Race Aika

Utensil Race Aika

The Utensil Race Aika (also called the Meiki no Saigen Marugoto: AIKA) onahole of almost 600 grams sits in a beautiful box that is sealed. Inside, the Utensil Race Aika is sealed in a plastic bag. 

The box is covered with photos of the Japanese porn star named Aika, even on the inside when you open the lid. The photos are made by a former porn star named Saki Otsuka, who also was once a model for the Meiki 3 and is now a photographer.

This onahole from N.P.G. feels nice and solid. She is made of the same quality and softness which you probably know from the Meiki No Shoumei series of NPG.

Utensil Race Aika

Hey labia and clitoris are a mold of the porn star Akai which make the Utensil Race Aika look super realistic.

Utensil Race Aika Tunnel:

The inside feels fantastic, you feel that the Utensil Race Aika is a high end onahole. The thick walls ensure that your penis follows the tunnel as it is intended.

Utensil Race Aika onahole

The tunnel is covered with lots of ridges and nubs. In the beginning of the tunnel about 4 cm deep you feel a big G-spot membrane on the bottom side that stroke the underside of your penis.

A bit deeper there are more membranes on the underside, while on the upper side you feel a few wide ridges glide over your penis.

At the end of the tunnel on the bottom side there is a last thickening. This feels lovely and provides an intense orgasm. The tunnel ends with a smooth part that looks small but stretches very well. 

Utensil Race Aika tunnel

Above you see the circumference of the tunnel.
The Utensil Race Aika gives a mild vacuum, which you can strengthen by pushing out the air before entering.
With this onahole a bottle of lubricant of 80 ml is delivered along.


The cleaning of the Utensil Race Aika is done by turning the onahole inside out and then rinsing it under a tap. 

Or it can be done in this way:

Cleaning a Meiki

1) Rinse the Meiki with water, and let the water run out.
2) Get a cotton cloth 
3) Wrap the cloth around a blunt stick (the blunt end of a pencil will do). Insert the stick in the Meiki, and allow the cloth to absorb the moist for about ten minutes.
Repeat with a dry end of the cloth, as many times as necessary until the Meiki is entirely dry on the inside. 
4) If necessary, use some talcum powder, or even corn starch, to dry the artificial vagina further. This will not be necessary in most cases.

Dimensions Utensil Race Aika:

Length: around 18cm (7,1 ")
Weight: 600g (21,2 oz)
Inclusive 80 ml Aika lubricant

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Customer Reviews

4.7/5 Based on 9 reviews
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    56% (5)
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    44% (4)
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for me, the best one without any doubt
Review by bariaga
After using Doc Johnson's UR3 and Fleshlight I can say nothing can be compared to Aika's. The feeling is top, in my opinion even slightly better than Fleshlight, but it beats those in suction. Unlike Fleshlight, it doesn't depend on the plastic case being well watertight (I have 3 and only 1 of them keeps the air inside propperly). It's quite tight too. All of this makes this masturbator my top 1.
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N.P.G. Top 10
Review by Federik
I could be a bit biased on this one (AIKA is one my favorite actress), but the quality is great, I really enjoyed, it's not the best N.P.G. onahole, but it sure is on the top 10 for felling and quality, really easy to clean as all N.P.G onaholes, and always a great service from MotsuToys.
Totally worth it at full price!
Review helpful?
It's very good, really recomend when it goes for sale
Review by TheMan
It's a bit pricy but the product is really good,I recomend waiting for sale but if u deperate that's a fair price. It's goes really good with some quality lube.No downsides tbh
Review helpful?
not that soft like Meiki Shoumei
Review by Den
It gives good pleasure specially at the entrance but more far behind the stimulation is little bit less. Still a very good toy and easy maintenance. Deserves the Meiki name.
Review helpful?
Same quality as high-end Meiki's
Review by Martin
This onahole has the same material quality as high-end Meiki's.
In fact, if someone told me this was the Meiki no shoumei 15-whatever, I would probably believe them.
Inside texture is interesting and feels great. And the price is slightly lower than it is for high-end Meiki's so that's an added bonus.
Even though my Aika onahole was ruined by an onahole warmer, I still use it today. Worth a buy for sure!
Review helpful?
Not as sturdy as expected
Review by Knaag
Being normal mid-size with my dickenson, Aika provides some problems when reviewing. Mostly because this is a great onahole without a doubt, squeezing the second you enter and not letting go at any point. It's a long-burn joy for sure, and will provide some spastic hips when given time, but the build quality, the one that was mention by certain Infernal Monkey, -the- definitive onahole reviewer on the web, doesn't really live up. After one week of use, I noticed that the entrance had been ripped both top and bottom. Fixing tearing like this on hypoallergenic materials is rather expensive, as specialised silicone glues tend to have rather salty price, similar to high-end two-component epoxies.

Despite this, the onahole's an absolute bliss. It may not offer earth shaking points at once, but the constant stimulation does throw this one up in the higher categories. I'd recommend using more lube than usual to get in to prevent tearing at the entrance, but not much inside so that the texture can cling to you more. It's not exactly tight, as the material's soft, but if you're looking for something that will squeeze you to high heaven all the while attacking all your sweet spots with fury, this won't be it. This is an onahole for man with class and time to enjoy life's pleasures. Well, as long as it won't split itself due to girth.
Review helpful?
Pretty good
Review by Daniel
It's a good onahole, i usually go for the harder ones, but even i could feel how well-made it is. Good build quality, haven't seen any tearing yet.
Review helpful?
High quality and great feeling
Review by Thomas
The onahole is large, has a nice weight to it and lubricant is decent as well. Would definitely recommend getting a heater as it would make it feel so much more realistic. It wasn't tight enough for me but its good for longer sessions.
Review helpful?
Good masturbator for this price
Review by M
Good fair price, very good quality, and super lubricant
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 600.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers

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lekker hoor
Review by jan
voelt goed goede materiaal een is lang te behouden
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