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Description / Vaginal Macaron Gichi Gichi Soft

If you’re bored and tired of the ordinary onaholes and want to amp up your jerking session, then you must most certainly try the Vaginal Macaron Gichi Gichi Soft from Magic Eyes. Featuring a macaron-inspired design, this onahole is created to offer you a unique sensation and stimulate your dick for explosive orgasms. This isn’t your usual onahole, and you’ll love the way it jerks and rubs your tool.

Unique Macaron-Inspired Two Layer Design For Increased Stimulation

The first thing that stands out about the Vaginal Macaron Gichi Gichi Soft is the macaron-inspired design — the two outer parts are squeezed together, and the middle features the vaginal tunnel for a one-of-a-kind shape. This unique design allows you to experience a completely different sensation depending on the position of the onahole, you can simply flip it over and you’ll feel like you’re fucking in a doggy position.

The outer cover of this onahole features a stunning platinum blonde babe in a maid outfit that every man would love to undress and make love to.

Soft Vaginal Tunnel With Numerous Folds For Extra Stimulation

This onahole’s unique design allows you to sandwich your dick, offering you a totally different masturbation experience. Unlike other onaholes, the inner layer of this toy is firmer, and the outer is softer, providing your penis with superior friction and stimulation. It weighs 520 grams and feels great on your hands, and the skin tone-like color further enhances your experience.

Unlock Your Ultimate Pleasure

The Vaginal Macaron Gichi Gichi Soft features a unique design to stroke and pleasure your dick in ways like never before. You can enjoy it in missionary or flip it over for doggy sessions. The vaginal tunnel is harder than most and offers excellent friction for extraordinary jerking sessions — you’ll love the way this onahole feels against your dick. It’s very easy to unlock your ultimate pleasure with the Vaginal Macaron Gichi Gichi Soft — all you need is your favorite lotion/lubricant.


Length: 175mm
Width: 75mm
Weight: 520 grams
Inner tunnel length: 135mm
Brand: Magic Eyes

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its not the best
Review by C.L
in my own personal opinion this onahole isnt the best the bumps arent all that stimulating its sorta tight but if your looking for js a normal onahole with a few bumps then this is the one but dont buy if you think your gonna get the bestest of experience
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Product weight 700.00 g
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