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Description / Virgin Loop Hard Onahole

Virgin Loop Hard

Ride Japan is a brand that produces very affordable onaholes, and while you might expect that this means their designs are simple or boring, this is not the case. The regular Virgin Loop onahole has been the number one onahole on Amazon Japan for a while, and with good reason! Now, Ride Japan is producing a toy that is identical in every way, but using a firmer, see-through material. The Virgin Loop Hard has an internal design we don’t see often, and it feels great! Read on if you want to know why you should buy this onahole.


The Virgin Loop Hard comes in a nice box featuring a shy, busty schoolgirl. This is the same girl as on the regular Virgin Loop, only her schoolgirl uniform has different colours. Her uniform is straining and the button might pop off any moment! She’s letting you take a peek under her skirt, showing off her long stockings and cute panties.

Of course the onahole is safely packaged in a little plastic sleeve to protect it from dust and dirt.

The Virgin Loop onahole

The first thing that stands out is the interesting, semi-transparent material. It feels firm, and being able to see yourself through the side is a great novelty. Ride Japan also uses a beautiful design on the outside of the onahole. The softly curving lines form inviting shapes, the top resembling beautiful labia. These lines also run around the opening of the Virgin Loop Hard, and the deep ridges will keep any excess lube from leaking out on your legs, the floor or the bed.

With “Virgin” in the name you might expect to find a hymen, but this onahole doesn’t have one - after all, not every virgin has a noticeable hymen!  The “Virgin” refers more to the tightness of the tunnel. The firmer material used really helps the tightness stand out! The structure of the tunnel itself is very interesting. The cross-section of the tunnel is shaped like a four-leaf clover, so there are four long ridges wrapping around you and stimulating you from every side.The entire inside is covered in very small ridges. Often onaholes use different textures, one after the other, for variety, but this slow and steady sensation from the narrow ridges feels great, driving you crazy if you slowly slide into the Virgin Loop Hard.

The ridges are much easier to see with the regular Virgin Loop: 


At the back of the Virgin Loop Hard you’ll find a so-called “end chamber”, a wider space with soft, stimulating shapes which wraps around the top of your penis to give it some milder stimulation.


Sometimes budget toys use cheap, smelly materials, but we are pleasantly surprised by the Virgin Loop Hard in this respect: The material not only feels great, but is also quite resistant to damage and doesn’t have a strong smell.

The transparent material is stretchy enough to accommodate different sizes, but firm enough to keep its shape.

If you think the firmer material might be overstimulating for you, be sure to check out the regular Virgin Loop, which is a little milder.

Cleaning the Virgin Loop

Of course you’ll get the most out of your onahole if you take good care of her. To clean the tunnel, rinse it out under the tap after use until it’s clean. Squeeze out as much water as you can, and push an absorbent cloth inside to absorb the last bits of moisture. You may want to dust the onahole with some cornstarch, talcum powder, or special maintenance powder to keep it in optimal condition!

This virgin will take you for a spin!

To summarize, the Virgin Loop Hard by Ride Japan is surprisingly great quality for the price, and its unusual internal structure is something you should definitely give a try. 


Length: 14 cm
Width: 7 cm
Tunnel length: 12.3 cm

Weight: 264 grams

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Customer Reviews

4.8/5 Based on 17 reviews
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    65% (11)
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    35% (6)
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Überraschend stimulierend
Review by Schokogrube
badge-check Verified Buyer
Ziemlich einfach damit zum Höhepunkt zu kommen und noch einfacher zu waschen.
Die Verpackung ist hübsch und als Extra enthält es eine kleine Portion Gleitmittel.

Easy to come with it and even easier to clean.
The Package is pretty and as bonus there's a lubricant.
Review helpful?
Feels good, a little painful
Review by S
Used it twice. looks good, has a nice durable, solid and firm feel. Very tight and wants to push me out, probably made for Asia size. Makes me fairly sore and is a little painful. Not sure if a onahole with sharp edged ribs is a good choice for a hard toy, but apparently it should soften with use.
Review helpful?
F**k it, I ain't a P**sy
Review by Wambam
Never bought or tried an onahole before but have been interested for a while. This product had a decent number of reviews so I felt comfortable in choosing this over some other onahole.

A lot of reviews stated that it probably wasn't the best choice for a first onahole but I said "f**k it" and bought it anyway. Glad I did because so far it's been worth it.

Now obviously I'm literally a beginner with onaholes so as I try and articulate the good points and bad points of this product, do take it with a pinch of salt. Hopefully, this helps someone who hasn't delved into the world of onaholes when making their decision....or not, idk.

The smell of onahole was what first caught my attention, it wasn't quite strong enough to overwhelm you but it's definitely noticeable. The best way to describe it is the same smell you get from them sticky hand toys you could get from capsule machines. But in any case, it's nothing major.

Moving on to the actual feel of the onahole: it was a very pleasant new sensation much different from the traditional method of left-hand usage. The tightness at the entrance is pretty good but the textures inside the tunnel aren't crazy apparent. I was using a thin lube and could feel it decently well but nothing to write home about. The end chamber is honestly unnecessary IMO because it didn't provide any stimulus as you slid into it. The tunnel length was honestly perfect for my size (4") and allowed the entire length of the shaft inside the onahole. However, (as I mentioned previously) I am not an expert in feel or usage of onaholes.

As for the cleaning it was very straight forward and did not take much time at all. I rinsed the The onahole out with warm water after use and then applied mild soap and washed the inside thoroughly. After shaking out most of the water, I dried the outside with paper towels and inserted a drying stick into the onahole. The whole process took about 15mins with most of that time being used to dry the onahole.

As its my first time ordering from Motsutoys I'm not sure how fast the delivery is normally. I don't know if this is standard for Motsutoys or if it was an "off-day" but the product took 9 days from the day it was ordered to arrive at my house. Other than that I had no issues with the package itself (arrived in great condition). Also, I'd like to say that their customer service was very responsive when I had any queries and we're very polite.

In conclusion: If you're like me and want to get a first onahole but are dissuaded by the reviews saying that they wouldn't recommend it for such; don't worry. This was definitely a choice I don't regret making. Obviously, as this was my first onahole, I have no idea if the sensation would be greatly different had I bought a different one. For the price I believe it was worth it. Then again you might not be as dumb as me and actually research properly on which onahole is the best to buy for your first one.

I would've done that but ultimately I said to myself:

"F**k it, I ain't a P**sy."
Review helpful?
Stimulating and durable!
Review by T
Virgin Loop Hard Onahole is so far the best onahole I have ordered. It has that nice stimulation that I so eagerly yearn for and as an awesome plus, you can be somewhat more rough with this toy, due to how durable it is. I am satisfied and recommend this one for those who seek a good quality hard onahole.
Review helpful?
It' a good onahole.
Review by Gergő
It might be a bit too stimulating if it's your first ona. So far its holding up pretty well.
Review helpful?
Don't judge a book by its cover
Review by moonya
Didn't really expect much from this seeing that the cross-section looks really basic but still bought it due to the overwhelming reviews and I had some few euros to spare. And boy it blew me away. It's just intense pleasure from the start to end. It was worth the buy!
Review helpful?
Hard and tigher than the regular
Review by S
The main difference between the regular is that it's harder and feels tighter so you feel the ridges more which can be better as the regular can wear out faster.
Review helpful?
Good overall
Review by Momo
The stimulations are pretty intense depending on the type and amount of lube applied but the onahole becomes slightly "loose" after some time and tightness is what keeps me going so I'm a little bit sad about that.
But for the price this is a banger.

Not sure if I would recommend as a first onahole but it's damn good value.
Review helpful?
Review by CY
The best so far
Review helpful?
Really good and very tight
Review by S
I thought I'd try this after I highly enjoyed the regular version and I have to say its amazing. Although the feeling is the same, the material makes it firmer and adds more detail which is both good and bad as the sensation is multiplied compared to the soft version but also can hurt your dick during long periods of use as its more firm so be sure to use a lot of lube when using it. After a good few uses the ribs will become softer but still firm which make it hurt less and still be durable so with proper care it could last a long while.
Review helpful?

More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 264.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 123.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer

International Reviews

Review by Munich
Bester Hardhole
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Für jeden der ein etwas handlicheres Onahole sucht
Review by Anonym
klein und handlich + gute stimulation + gute dehnbarkeit
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Für jeden der ein etwas handlicheres Onahole sucht
Review by Anonym
klein und handlich + gute stimulation + gute dehnbarkeit
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Goed product voor de prijs
Review by V
- makkelijk op te bergen
- geen moeite met schoonmaak
- voelt strak aan het begin
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Voor veel stimulatie de beste onahole die er is!
Review by Kevin
Deze onahole ziet er erg simpel uit dus ik had er geen hoge verwachtingen van maar schijn bedriegt. Dit is echt een van de beste onaholes die ik heb en ook nog de goedkoopste dus echt een aanrader.

Als je niet teveel glijmiddel gebruikt of een dunne soort is het echt een van te meest intense onaholes, je voelt echt elke kleine ribbel. het is niet voor een lange sessie hier kom je erg snel in klaar. De onahole is ook erg makkelijk schoon te maken en voelt erg duurzaam aan, er zijn een paar productie fouten aan het uiterlijk maar voor deze prijs is dat geen probleem en het neemt niet weg van de binnekant.

Als je van veel stimulatie houdt en niet iets realistisch zoekt kun je voor deze prijs niets beter krijgen.
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