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Description / Virgin Matchless Fleshlight Masturbator

Drawing inspiration from the world of Japanese manga, the Virgin Matchless flesh light masturbator by Fillworks emerges not only as a visual masterpiece but also as an epitome of tactile sensations. Japanese sex toys inspired, this uniquely crafted product brings an iconic anime figure to life, encapsulating the beauty and allure reminiscent of popular porn stars. Every inch of this product has been designed with meticulous detail, ensuring a blend of aesthetic charm and unparalleled pleasure.

1 onahole, 7 hymens

Stepping beyond its striking exterior lies a world of seven distinct, intricately designed internal textures. These textures, playfully named 'hymens', create a landscape of sensations that emulate your intricate journey of penetration. Each gate offers a unique sensation, inviting you to explore and relish every twist and turn. It's this intricate design that differentiates the Virgin Matchless from the ocean of the best male masturbators and high-end sex toys flooding the market today. 

Why an onahole with 7 hymens will be THAT different ?

An onahole sex toy designed with seven hymens is meant to provide you a unique and heightened sensory experience. Here's why this design might be particularly pleasant for you :

>>> Varied sensations : multiple textures provide a range of sensations during use. Each hymen can offer a distinct feeling, ensuring that you experience different levels of tightness, pressure, and stimulation as you move through the toy.

>>> Novelty and fantasy : the idea of having multiple hymens to penetrate can be intriguing and exciting. It plays into fantasies and offers an experience different from other standard hentai onahole.

>>> Depth perception : the multiple gates can give you a sense of progress and depth as you penetrate further into the onahole. This can make your experience feel more interactive and engaging.

>>> Intensity : as each hymen is passed, the sensation can become more intense, building up the stimulation and potentially leading to a more satisfying pleasure.

>>> Enhanced realism : multiple textures can make the toy feel more lifelike compared to a uniform tunnel. This added realism can enhance your pleasure and overall experience.

>>> Extended play : the different textures can encourage you to explore the toy at different paces, prolonging the session and leading to a more gratifying experience.

Compact design of an onahole hentai with mighty potentials 

While its weight of just 343 grams might seem deceiving, the Virgin Matchless is a testament to the phrase "small but mighty". This compact masturbation sleeve, with its well-thought-out design, is on par, if not superior, to its larger counterparts in the adult toy market. 

The detailed artistry, both inside and out, combined with the dual-layer construct, assures you an intensified stimulation. The inner pink layer, in harmony with the carefully crafted fleshlight sleeves, sets the stage for a sensory experience that's truly unparalleled.

An experience fine-tuned for extreme pleasure 

To elevate your intimate moments, the Virgin Matchless is equipped with a vacuum effect. By creating a vacuum effect, you feel a gentle yet profound suction sensation. This meticulously engineered feature mimics the sensations of an intimate blow job or oral sex, giving the illusion as pleasure have fused with anime.

The vacuum effect, the secret ingredient of pleasure

An onahole sex toy that incorporates a vacuum effect is designed to enhance the overall sensory experience. Here are several reasons why this feature might be particularly pleasant for you :

>>> Increased sensation : the vacuum effect creates a suction sensation that can mimic the feeling of tightness and intimacy. This increased pressure can heighten the overall stimulation you feel.

>>> Stimulating internal textures : the vacuum effect, when combined with the internal textures of the onahole, can create a dynamic interaction. As the air is sucked out, the walls of the onahole press more firmly against your penis, making the internal textures even more pronounced and stimulating.

>>> Improved grip and handling : the vacuum can create a sensation of the toy gripping you, which can be both physically stimulating and psychologically arousing. This sensation can make you feel more engaged with the sex toy.

>>> Intensified climax : for many, the added suction and pressure can lead to a more intense and satisfying climax. The build-up of sensation, combined with the tightness, can amplify the overall pleasure.

>>> Psychological arousal : for some, the mere idea of the vacuum effect and the sensations it promises can be a turn-on in itself. The anticipation of a different or enhanced experience can heighten arousal.

Pussy pocket maintenance made effortless 

One of the standout traits of the Virgin Matchless is its user-friendly maintenance. Post-play cleanup is effortless. This easy to clean design ensures that you can focus more on pleasure and less on the aftermath, streamlining the entire experience from start to finish.

A japanese masturbator : the ideal addition to every collection 

Given its array of unique features and the surprising affordability, the Virgin Matchless stands out as a must-have addition for every sex toy aficionado. Its charm and functionality also make it a delightful and playful malesex toys for those looking to introduce a touch of fun in their lives. In essence, the Virgin Matchless isn't merely a toy; it's an entire saga of pleasure and exploration waiting to be experienced. 


Length: 14cm
Height: 7cm
Weight: 343 grams

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Customer Reviews

4.3/5 Based on 13 reviews
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    23% (3)
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    62% (8)
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Cheap is what you get
Review by Karol
+ Multiple tight gates feel inside are a good idea
+ Price
- Cheap, oily, sticky material
- Strong artificial smell that stays on your hands
- Very thin and fragile, mine broke after first use
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The first experience alone is worth the price
Review by Pip
That first experience just blows your mind, I don't think I ever spent so much time with a complete standing erection before as when I tried this thing.
It's not very stimulating, you are gonna need some time to finish, which might not be good for those that are used to toys that are hard and grip more or their hand.
But at the same time it's great for long sessions and it never gets boring as even if it's not stimulating much the sensation of going in and out is amazing (fun: try going to the end and let go and let it slip out on its own, thank me later).
As others pointed out, it's extremely soft and fragile so handle with care, if you're a bigger dude it might not last that long. I recommend using both hands as it's not gonna guide you and you might end up poking the sides halfway.
It's also a pain to clean, that's the price you're paying for this gimmick.
Most likely rebuying later.
Review helpful?
Very good
Review by Enes
It gave me a good time, it has a good feeling and it won't get boring over the time. The more i used it, the more i learned about this toy and also abouzt to use it, os that i could get a new sensation. But after using it for a couple of weeks, the back end popped out and now i have an open onahole, haven't tried it since then, don't know if this is st. bad or not.
Review helpful?
A very good time!
Review by Myles
My first experience with the Virgin Matchless was amazing! Such a great feeling and very tight too. The only down side is it takes a little longer to clean than other onaholes due to it's many chambers but it is well worth the price!
Review helpful?
A very good time!
Review by Myles
My first expirience with this product was great and I can't wait to use it again! The hole is very tight and gets tighter the deeper you go while providing good suction. I would recomend this product.
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First time buyer very happy :)
Review by Lkris
First time buying a onahole and it did not disappoint, feels good and all. The only downside was the delay in shipping and the toy had a weird smell that i had to get used to.
Review helpful?
It is just perfect, can't believe how cheap it is.
Review by Kitazune
Been ordering this onahole since forever and I love it, still didnt get bored of it after about 2 years of rebuying it. It's super tight and will make you crazy. It's actually the best onahole I never had. The only problem with it, is breaks fairly quickly, but it's cheap and def worth rebuying.
Review helpful?
Review by Riva
Special feature: Seven hymens
0,75 ★ cleaning in between the hymens is little extra effort
0,5 ★ all hymens are torn after 10 uses
1,75 ★ tight, much big ribs, very stimulating
0,5 ★ nice box print, lubricant included
3,50 ★ ★★★★☆
My opinion:
The box has a nice print and the onahole came with a lubricant bag. In my case the top side (where the neck sould be) was deformed. This was because the onahole stood diagonally in the box for some months, this was my fault. If you wish to store the item than the box should be laid down. The onahole is made of two materials, the soft material on the outside and a layer of little firmer material covering the tunnel walls. The seven hymens are made of the firmer material and therefore giving high stimulation. After about ten uses all hymens are torn, but they are still stimulating. The onahole is consuming about the double amount of lubricant as most other onaholes, this is caused by the seven hymens and the gaps inbetween them.
My summary:
Even if the cleaning is a tiny bit harder than with other onaholes and the hymens are quickly worn out, the onahole is still stimulating.
My summing: ★★★★☆
Review helpful?
Feels good, good price, but rather short lifespan
Review by I.I
It feels really great and it's very much on affordable price. However, it has rather short lifespan but with some care it can last a bit longer. Still a good product for its price.
Review helpful?
A little dull, but not entirely useless
Review by J.T.
As some other reviewer pointed out. The inner material is far too soft too utilize them seven entrances concept.
This one is cheap though, and because of the lack of some serious stimuli, you can use this to edge and have a fairly long masturbation session, and whenever you are closing in on climax, slow down and try to count each passing entrances, t makes a good experience.
The masturbator is easy to clean as the inside isnt very complicated, i tend to turn it inside out due to its price, i wouldnt care if it get damaged.
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 343.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 110.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers

International Reviews

Amazing Feeling
Review by CK2play
Very unique shape with great feeling.
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Le best pour commencer
Review by Joker
Juste le meilleur pour commencer, sans hésiter.
Néanmoins, les sensations paraissent beaucoup moins réaliste après avoir testé le Fluffy Tachi Fuwatoro, le rendant moins séduisant.
Mais pour débuter, c'est sans l'ombre d'un doute, le meilleur rapport qualité/prix.
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Leuk maar niet duurzaam
Review by Marc
De virgin matchless is compact en leuk vormgegeven.
Handig van formaat maar bied ook nog genoeg vastigheid.
De opening is makkelijk in te komen en het gevoel is erg fijn.
Nadeel is dat het artikel niet zo duurzaam is en snel uitscheurt, desondanks een plezierige ervaring.
De service van motsutoys is uitstekend.
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Voelt goed, maar nogal fragiel
Review by kwok
De virgin matchless wordt strakker des te dieper je erin gaat. Ze voelt goed aan, maar je breekt al snel door het materiaal binnen heen. Het is het wel waard voor de 20 euro, maar verwacht niet lang plezier van haar.
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