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Virgin Matchless masturbator

The Virgin Matchless is an Anime masturbator from the brand Fillworks and is made in Japan. The design is made after a famous Japanese manga figure who is on the front of this box.

7 hymens

The outside of the Virgin Matchless feels nice and looks attractive. The inner labia hide the remarkable tunnel on the inside, which is the main feature of the Virgin Matchless. The tunnel contains 7 ´hymens´, and the feeling they give when going up and down is something you have to experience for yourself. Yes, you read that right! Your penis goes through seven gates before reaching the end of her vagina. 

Small is beautiful

Even though this is a small and light vagina (343 grams) it has very special features. Even if you prefer bigger masturbators the Virgin Matchless is absolutely worth a try because of the special tunnel!

What else could you want?

A masturbator of this price with these characteristics is a breakthrough in the market. Not only do the 7 hymens provide amazing stimulation, the detailing on the inside and outside of the masturbator is also exceptional. The vagina is double layered with the inner pink layer giving a bit more stimulation than the softer outside.

The Virgin Matchless also has a vacuum effect. If you squeeze out the air before penetrating it you will feel a light suction effect.

In short: an ideal product to buy along with another product, small and easy to take with you. It also makes for a fun gift thanks to the attractive price level.


Length: 14cm
Height: 7cm
Weight: 343 grams

Additional Information

  1. It is just perfect, can't believe how cheap it is. Review by Kitazune

    Been ordering this onahole since forever and I love it, still didnt get bored of it after about 2 years of rebuying it. It's super tight and will make you crazy. It's actually the best onahole I never had. The only problem with it, is breaks fairly quickly, but it's cheap and def worth rebuying. (Posted on 6/7/2019)

  2. high-grade Review by Riva

    Special feature: Seven hymens
    0,75 ★ cleaning in between the hymens is little extra effort
    0,5 ★ all hymens are torn after 10 uses
    1,75 ★ tight, much big ribs, very stimulating
    0,5 ★ nice box print, lubricant included
    3,50 ★ ★★★★☆
    My opinion:
    The box has a nice print and the onahole came with a lubricant bag. In my case the top side (where the neck sould be) was deformed. This was because the onahole stood diagonally in the box for some months, this was my fault. If you wish to store the item than the box should be laid down. The onahole is made of two materials, the soft material on the outside and a layer of little firmer material covering the tunnel walls. The seven hymens are made of the firmer material and therefore giving high stimulation. After about ten uses all hymens are torn, but they are still stimulating. The onahole is consuming about the double amount of lubricant as most other onaholes, this is caused by the seven hymens and the gaps inbetween them.
    My summary:
    Even if the cleaning is a tiny bit harder than with other onaholes and the hymens are quickly worn out, the onahole is still stimulating.
    My summing: ★★★★☆ (Posted on 11/30/2018)

  3. Feels good, good price, but rather short lifespan Review by I.I

    It feels really great and it's very much on affordable price. However, it has rather short lifespan but with some care it can last a bit longer. Still a good product for its price. (Posted on 11/17/2018)

  4. A little dull, but not entirely useless Review by J.T.

    As some other reviewer pointed out. The inner material is far too soft too utilize them seven entrances concept.
    This one is cheap though, and because of the lack of some serious stimuli, you can use this to edge and have a fairly long masturbation session, and whenever you are closing in on climax, slow down and try to count each passing entrances, t makes a good experience.
    The masturbator is easy to clean as the inside isnt very complicated, i tend to turn it inside out due to its price, i wouldnt care if it get damaged. (Posted on 8/14/2018)

  5. Good feeling but fragile Review by Kuri

    I got my Virgin Matchless a couple days ago. The first use was great, really, but after first use it started to rip on the inside. I know, immersion, 7 hymens, they should rip after use, of course. The product is rather fragile, and if you are big, then you will problably rip it apart quite fast, just like in my case.
    The product is cheap, which is a good thing, but I'm afraid it won't last long. Cleaning this toy is quite easy, but lotion and water often stucks between the barriers so cleaning is longer compared to my other toys like Sujiman kupa Roa.
    I could complain some more, but hey, for this price it isn't really a bad toy.
    3/5 from me, I recommend this, but if you're big, then this one won't last for long. (Posted on 7/8/2018)

  6. Perfect ish Review by scotty

    Amazing customer service beyond belief and amazing delivery, this is a terrible product and I wish I just went with the first item I wanted, the hype of 7 is rubbish, the inner material is way to soft for stimulation, don't be fooled, this company is amazing, just avoid this exact product, much more other options for you all in the shop, amazing service really, another issue, some really nice toys in some rediculous, packaging which causes concern, you found the right buyer just avoid this toy, many more better options in the shop and the high end stuff is better than the real thing sadly. SCOTT. (Posted on 7/6/2018)

  7. Great feeling, hard to maintain Review by Senpai

    With the multiple barriers inside of the hole, it provides a great and satisfying feeling of penetration and the small size is comfortable to hold in a single hand.

    Lubricant and other fluid easily gets stuck between the barriers and this rather fragile construction tears rather easily.

    It is excellent for it's price tag. It has a relatively short lifespan but with proper maintenance it is well worth the cost. Well-suited for a second-time buyer who's out to explore the more niche varieties out there. (Posted on 5/16/2018)

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