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Description / Virgin Matchless Kurogane Clear Onahole

Virgin Matchless Kurogane Clear onahole : unleash the warrior within

Embark on a journey of realistic sex sensations with our Virgin Matchless Kurogane Clear by Fillworks : an evolution of the original that caters to those craving heightened intensity. This onahole, designed for intensity, is the top of the male masturbation tools. Immerse yourself in a world where sexy hentai meets the universe of Japanese anime.

Embrace the tight pussy of a strong warrior woman

Decades of honor and bravery have made her a fearsome warrior. This pocket pussy mirrors that tenacity, offering superior firmness to many malesex toys. Its firmness creates, for your pleasure, a sensation that squeezes your penis, as if it were a virginal pussy. Its transparent layer, although resistant, magnifies the view during your intimate encounters. 

The inner pink material, while still firm, offers more elasticity, providing stimulation that's built to last through repeated uses. Virgin Matchless Kurogane manifests in the silhouette of a woman, complete with all her defined features : a woman’s body, complete with perky breasts, a round butt, and even a toned stomach and strong back muscles, giving you a blend of visual and sensory pleasure.

Seven gates to euphoria : to orgasm with this japanese onahole


Her pristine "coin slot pussy" invites you into a realm of unparalleled pleasure. Traverse through the snug entry and encounter a sequence of seven hymens, each tightening progressively. These hymens, designed for best pocket pussy experiences, encapsulate you, leaving you yearning for more. The finale is a suction chamber that engulfs your penis, an exclusive feature of the Virgin Matchless onaholes.

Compact size, infinite satisfaction 

Weighing 343 grams and spanning 15 centimeters, this hentai onahole is a beacon of convenience and intensity. True to its "Virgin" label, the narrow tunnel, accentuated by the robust material, guarantees a memorable climax.

Optimizing & maintaining your hentai sex toy 

Prior to diving into this pleasure, lavish it with water-based lubricant. Opting for a thicker consistency will soothe the experience, while a thinner one will increase every intricate detail. Elevate the realism by warming the onahole to body temperature with a sex toy warmer.

Post orgasm, cleanse the pussy pocket, giving special attention to the areas between the gates. Drying can be easily achieved using a microfiber cloth or an onahole drying stick. Once dried, store it in a designated sex toy storage bag.

Finally : let’s try this Virgin Matchless Kurogane Clear 

Fillworks introduces a hentai-inspired, virginal clear onahole encompassing a distinct design : harboring seven hymens and a dual-layer structure. For those who embrace heightened sensations and yearn for the best male sex toys, your search ends here. Dive into this Japanese sex toys world and redefine your pleasure.

Properties : 

Onahole length: 15 cm
Onahole width: 7 cm
Onahole weight: 343 grams
Firmer material than the regular version
Made by Fillworks

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Customer Reviews

4.9/5 Based on 3 reviews
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    67% (2)
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    33% (1)
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One of the best starter Products
Review by Uen
badge-check Verified Buyer
This is one of the best onaholes in the low price category in my opinion since it is not too simple but also very cheap. It is also very durable which is a big plus in my eyes. You can also look at your "guy" while using the onahole since it is clear.
The only "negative" part is that i personally prefer the non clear version but they are almost identical to each other.
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Pleasure and work
Review by Nikita
A great onahole with many layers for pleasure. I recommend using a cock ring with this onahole for the most enjoyment.
Cleaning so many layers can be a pain in the end. It takes a few attempts to get your juices out if you decide to let them in. Drying also takes longer than say other average onaholes.

All in all the pleasure is there and its a fun toy to use but the cleaning is not the best part of the toy.
Review helpful?
Extremely good for its price
Review by Commander PP
This product is really good for it's price, especially with it being more of a starter onahole. It feels nice and comfy to use, however, do mind that cleaning and drying it can be considered a hassle, due to the intricate internal design. The feel at that price definitely makes up for it. As far as I have experienced, the noise it makes is moderate, but the cleaning part is where I would recommend you use it when you live either alone or in a household that tolerates your use of an onahole, because it's one of the slightly less stealthy onaholes.
Review helpful?

More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 343.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 130.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2 layers

International Reviews

Fest und intressant
Review by Thomas
Ein sehr festes Onahole, das aber trotzdem ein sehr gut gleitenden Tunnel hat. Es fühlt und sieht qualitativ hochwertig aus.
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Review by Anon
Meiner Meinung nach, das beste Onahole was ich bis jetzt getestet habe.
Das Ona hat den besten teil der ''Tororochi'' von Magic Eyes (den Anfang mit einzelnen Kammern) durch das gesamte Onahole hindurch.
Es ist beinahe zu klein und eng für mich aber das steht dem Spaß nicht im weg.
Es ist gut dehnbar in länge und breite.
Reinigung ist ein bisschen schwieriger als üblich wegen den einzelnen Kammern aber dennoch durchaus einfach.
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Sehr schönes Produkt
Review by Alex
Die Verarbeitung ist sehr gut für diesen Preis man hat direkt Spaß nach beim ersten benutzen, beim ersten eindringen spürt man einen kleinen wiederstand was das gefühl noch einmal verbessert, Die Größe des Produkts ist Perfeckt es liegt gut in der Hand und ist leicht angerauht an der oberfläche ,ich habe es zusammen mit dem Gleitgel Tyo Lubricant verwendet kann ich nur empfehlen dieses gleich mit zu bestellen um den Spaß zu erhöhen

Nun zur Reinigung da es kein Loch hinten hat empfielt sich ein Onahole Dryer (Trockner) da man wieder zusätzliches Gerät zur Reinigung hernehmen muss gibts 1 Stern abzug

Der Versand ging Super Schnell und war auch sehr Diskret Verpackt :) Vielen Dank
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Review by Nicou
Sensation proche du divin mais attention les reliefs à l’intérieur sont pas très souple et peuvent être un peus douloureux. N’hésite pas mettre la dose de lubrifiant.
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Heerlijke ervaring!
Review by Jack
de onahole is een van de beste die ik geprobeerd heb, Ik ben iemand die van strakke/stevige onahole houdt en daar voldoet deze zeer zeker aan.
eenigste minpuntje is dat de binnenkant na een paar maanden los begon te laten, dit zorgde ervoor dat ze moeilijker schoon te maken is om dat er ook vuiligheid langs de binnenlaag in liep.

Kortom, hou je van strak en hard, raadt ik deze zeker aan, vooral voor de prijs!
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Stevig spul
Review by David
Stevig Onahole en doorkijk ook, wat het nog net ietsje kinkier maakt als je naar jezelf kijkt terwijl je bezig bent.
Het is net krap genoeg zonder TE te zijn en het gevoel als je door alle maagdenvliezen heen gaat is sensationeel!
Het binnenste voelt nog steviger aan dan het buitenste deel, maar niet te hard en zeker niet te zacht, wat een groot pluspunt is.
Soms is realisme goed, en soms is artificieel eens goed als je iets anders wil voelen. Dit is het soort tussenin.
Voor de mannen die niet meer zo gevoelig zijn aan hun eikel is dit een top product!!
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