Former-Taimanin Shiranui - Voluptuous Widow Hole


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Taimanin Asagi - Shiranui Mizuki - Youen Miboujin Onahole

The twelfth collaboration between PxPxP and LiLiTH, this onahole brings to life Former Taimanin member Shiranui Mizuki, the Voluptuous Widow! Other collaborations between PxPxP and LiLiTH include other characters of the Taimanin-verse in the form of the Magic Face 2 with Mizuki Yukikaze and the Taimanin Asagi with Asagi Igawa.

Shiranui Mizuki as a Sex Toy lazyload

Shiranui Mizuki is a character from the Taimanin-verse, featuring in games like "Taimanin Asagi -Battle Arena-" and even appearing in OVA. Shiranui is the mother of Mizuki Yukikaze, who has also been used as a model for a sex toy, namely the Magic Face 2. This now widow is known for being quite the lustful minx, thanks in part due to her time under the control of evil. Despite being dubbed the “Phantom Taimanin”, during a mission she was transformed into an officer of evil who swears loyalty to the King of Incubi.

Appearance of the Former-Taimanin Shiranui - Voluptuous Widow Hole

This mini sex doll is shaped beautifully and accurately after the large breasted mother in her costume. With her amazing three sizes being 112-60-88cm, she is quite the voluptuous beauty. The designers have meticulously remade the image of her costume into the exterior of this onahole. This is why you can not only see the outline of her sexy outfit on this onahole, but you can feel it clearly as well.

Onahole with layers of tightness

Drown in pleasure as you enter the fleshy entrance into a double helix-like twirl which tightens twice, alternating between the more open double helix and sudden firm tightness. Not only that, these tighter spots will barely dilate, meaning that they will remain tight throughout your entire experience. As you continue deeper into the onahole, you will find a different set of tight sections followed by short, more open spaces. These will in turn make sure that each tightening feels intense with each trust. On top of that they also have several bumps on all sides. Finally, behind the upper part of this chest you will find a somewhat open space inside with bumps, which will create a vacuum when pressed down on. The suction combined with the consistent tightness of this onahole is sure to drive you wild!

All of this happens inside the wonderfully shaped onahole, which has an extra plump thickness between the tunnel and exterior. This means that you won’t be able to feel your fingers through the onahole, but you can still enjoy the force from your hand to increase the tightness. Then again, considering how tight this toy already is, you probably won’t even need to do that!


As you can see on the packaging this mini sex doll weighs a hefty 600gr. This weight will give a little realism to your experience, whilst still not being so heavy as to tire you out. Other things you can see on the packaging obviously include the lustful Shiranui Mizuki in a sexy pose. It also gives more background information of the character and then proceeds to give more information about the various aspects of this wonderful onahole.

Usage of the onahole

As with most if not all onaholes, you will need to use lubrication to make sure you can use the Former-Taimanin Shiranui - Voluptuous Widow Hole properly. If you want to enjoy all the ridges of the double helix and the bumps of the end of the tunnel, you will want to use a runny/low viscosity lubricant. This will allow you to feel everything over the entire length of the onahole. Using a thick/high viscosity lube will cover some of the finer details, leading to a mild experience perfect for longer sessions!.

Shiranui Mizuki onahole specs

Weight: 600gr
Length: 18cm
Width: 8cm
Tunnel length: ~14cm
Made by: PxPxP & LiLiTH

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