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Description / A Taciturn Girl BIG

A new ToysHeart Virgin Onahole

Remember the Taciturn Girl onahole? This is her big sister! With a tunnel that’s been optimized even further, Toys Heart’s great FineCross material, thick walls and a tight tunnel this onahole will take you for a wild ride - even if she doesn’t say much.

Improved onahole design taciturn girl

While the overall layout of the Taciturn Girl Big looks like that of the previous version, it is a little more intense. The different parts of the tunnel all deliver a different and very distinct kind of stimulation.

  1. Entrance: This onahole has a nice easy entrance hole, with sloping sides that guide you inside as the walls gently envelop you.
  2. Dual Pleasure Bumps: Two large yet flexible bumps protrude from the bottom and top of the tunnel, each covered in small bumps for extra grip and stimulation. Once you’re balls-deep these bumps provide some stimulation for your shaft, but try placing them around the top of your cock for some variety: one caressing the very top, and the other your sensitive frenulum can feel amazing! Of course you can twist and turn the onahole to add some fun…
  3. Ribbed tunnel the tunnel’s tight walls are covered with little ridges that provide a pleasant grip around your shaft, grabbing onto you like a real pussy would
  4. Cervix gate: this flexible membrane has a hole in the middle just large enough to push through - but then, with each thrust it will stretch along with you, reluctant to let go.
  5. Womb: this final chamber’s surface is covered in gently massaging nubs.

At 340 grams this onahole is great for use with one hand. It is made out of the high quality Fine Cross material. 

Vacuum suction pussy thanks to thick walls & open design

You can exploit the tunnel’s relatively “open” tunnel design by squeezing out the air before you enter. Each time you pull back the onahole will try to spring back into its original shape - but it can’t, because the opening has formed a tight seal around your dick. This results in a mild suction that sucks you right back in after every stroke.

The Taciturn Girl Big’s walls add even more to this: they make the onahole as a whole sturdier and stronger, the elastic material helping it respond to your movements. It also means you can’t feel your fingers through the sides - if you wanted to feel those, you wouldn’t have grabbed an onahole after all.

Toys Heart’s Taciturn Girl Big in short

This onahole has excellent material as well as a tunnel design that’s both varied and stimulating. It is fairly tight yet not overstimulating and its long tunnel will be able to accommodate most men. Whether you want to take it slow or fast, this onahole will bring you plenty of pleasure.

Total length: 15 cm
Width: 7.2 cm
Tunnel length: 13.5 cm
340 grams

(Taciturn Girl Original: 12x7 cm, 11 cm tunnel length, 225 grams)

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Nice wide Entrance and instense Pleasure Bumps
Review by Jan
The material of this Onahole is rather firm but also has a nice wide Entrance (at least compared to most Onaholes this size) and has two intense Pleasure Bumps, the "Cervix gate" was rather underwhelming and could be a little tighter, but the wide Entrance and the two Pleasure Bumps gave such nice and intense experience that still want to give it 5 Stars. I would recommend using it with a low viscosity Lube (I used the Lube "Onatsuyu Pussy Juicy Lotion").
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 340.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 135.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer

International Reviews

Wunderbares Onahole für Anfänger
Review by WeebyYoshi
Dieses Onahole ist zwar eines der teureren Onas, hat aber eine grandiose Qualität! Das Gefühl des Tunnels ist wunderschön und alles ist gut verarbeitet. Die kleinen Hügel nach dem Eingang und die Verengung vor der Gebärmutter merkt man am meisten. Sie geben ein 1A Gefühl und auch das leichte Vakuum welches man durchs drücken erzeugen kann ist einfach atemberaubend. Wenn ich irgendetwas an dem Ona zu bemengeln hätte, dann wäre es, dass die Wand hinten ein kleines bisschen dünn ist und man deswegen aufpassen muss, dass man nicht zu wild reinstoßt. Dennoch kann ich A Taciturn Girl BIG trostlos 5 Sterne geben!
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