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This new onahip by Toys Heart is one of their biggest toys yet: despite its slim waist, it weighs 10 kgs! Does it live up to the “perfect” in the name? Read on to find out. Older sister with big ass

perfect hipThe perfect hip onahole

Of course “perfect” as an incredibly subjective word, but it’s pretty clear that a good ratio between waist and hip is a turn-on for most men. ToysHeart absolutely nailed that with this onahip! The body’s shape is already incredible, and the bent-over pose emphasizes the curves even more. Between the smooth belly, slightly hollow back, round buttcheeks and spead legs, this onahole looks stunning from every angle you can imagine. Little details like the labia and belly button add a really lifelike look.

The 95 cm hip diameter means that this onahole can be dressed up with real clothing: How about some cute panties, or a short school girl skirt?

Balance between strong and soft

As you might have seen in the product pictures the Perfect Hip Girl doesn’t have an internal skeleton, which is unusual for sex toys this size. It results in a sex toy that feels soft and pliable, and slamming into the round asschecks when you go balls-deep feels (and sounds!) very lifelike. And of course you can lie on top of this onahole with your full weight with no fear of breaking anything.

How to use the Perfect Hip Girl

A piece of art like this should be appreciated to the fullest. We recommend grabbing the water based personal lubricant of your choice and applying some to both holes. Next, use a sex toy warmer (or two) to bring the tunnels of the Perfect Hip Girl up to the perfect temperature.

What’s next is up to you! Thanks to the well-done design and pliable body the Perfect Hip Girl can be enjoyed in many positions. If you’re all out of inspiration you can check the illustration on the box, which gives several examples on positions you should try for sure. Missionary and from behind are classics, but you can also fuck this onahip while sitting on your bed or having her ride you cowgirl style.

After use, make sure to clean, dry and store the onahip well, to keep it clean and prolong its lifespan. Check out ourpocket pussy cleaning page for some information and tools to make that part of the process easier.

Tight Virginal pussy perfect hip girl onahip

ToysHeart describes the pussy as “surprisingly tight”, and this is a fitting description. Once you push your way between the thin pussy lips you’ll feel the material clamp around you tightly. After the straight entrance and lube reservoir the tunnel itself starts: five interconnected chambers, each lined with a texture of gently massaging nubs, glide over your shaft with every thrust, pulling you in deeper. Towards the end the tunnel tightens, leading you to the end area where a larger bump surrounded by small nubs massage your glans. Now that’s a pussy you don’t want to pull out from!

Undulating anal tunnel with sphincter ring

Toysheart took care to make the anal tunne very different - after all, if you’re going to make two similar tunnels you might as well just make one. Perfect Hip Girl’s asshole has a special feature we haven’t seen in many onahips yet: a ring wraps around the tunnel, simulating the feeling of a tight sphincter muscle. This adds pleasure throughout the experience, whether you’re just pushing your glans past it, or are feeling it wrapped tightly around your glans.

The tunnel itself gets gradually tighter: it starts with a relatively wide area lined with “grabby” micro-ridges before continuing to a smaller room with massaging bumps, ending with a room that is narrower still for a spectacular climax.

Perfect hip girl: A real sex experience?

ToysHeart advertises the Perfect Hip Girl as a “real sex experience” and it’s easy to see why: the curvy shape feels amazing in your hands, and the two tunnels each have their own stimulating design.

Length: 25 cm
Width: 44 cm
Tunnel length: 11 cm
Box size: 49.1 x 26.5 x 40 cm
Weight: 10 kgs
Material: TPE
Brand: ToysHeart
Made in China

Additional Information

Number of holes2
Number of layers1
ReusableIs reusable
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length110mm
Product weight10000gram