Hashimoto Arina! Fella-man 2WAY hole


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Hashimoto Arina! Fella-man 2WAY hole

EXE is at it again with the Obscene Frenzy Series, this time presenting the Japanese adult video actress Hashimoto Arina. Like the other onaholes in this series, the Hashimoto Arina! Felaman 2WAY hole is also modeled after a specific JAV actress. While this sex toy is obviously modeled after Hashimoto Arina, other sex toys in this series are modeled after JAV actresses such as JULIA with both the JULIA! Fella-man 2WAY hole and the JULIA! Godly Frenzy BODY hole.

This sex toy’s special features 2way hole pocket pussy

The main feature of this lies in the ‘Felaman’ part of the name, referring to the Fellatio + Pussy combination. On one side you have the beautifully shaped lips of Hashimoto Arina, ready to both kiss you and give you an amazing blowjob experience. The teeth on the inside are quite firm, but they won’t hurt you. On the other side her cute ‘lower lips’ are waiting in anticipation for you.

Oral onahole

The mouth not only looks nice on the outside, it also has teeth and a tongue to make it feel even more real. Because the thick and strong tongue isn’t entirely stuck to the bottom of the mouth, it actually moves around a bit when you thrust inside, adding more realism to your experience. This, combined with the firm teeth, gorgeous supple lips and even the uvula, will really make you feel like you are getting a blowjob from Hashimoto Arina herself!

As you pass through the mouth section and try to enter the throat, the big uvula will tighten the tunnel drastically. Once you manage to pass that, you will be besieged by numerous bumps on two bigger lumps. Pass even that and you will arrive at the triple G-spot section. As the tunnel gets a bit wider the 3 big lumps covered with smaller bumps stroke your glans gently. Push even further and you might even be able to enjoy coming out on the other side!

Pocket Pussy of Arina

The interesting thing about this kind of onahole is that going in from the other side will make you experience the same sensations, but in reverse. While this might sound like you will experience the same thing, it will actually change your experience drastically! Instead of the tunnel slowly getting wider, going in from the pussy side of this onahole means that the tunnel gets tighter and tighter.

Instead focussing on your glans, going in through the pussy side of this onahole means that the triple G-spot section will instead be stroking your shaft. The middle two lumps will most likely be in relatively the same position, but the tight uvula section will be closer to your glans. Position this the right way, and the tight uvula will be able to hit your glans crown in the most pleasurable way, all the while your glans will be able to enjoy the tongue. Go far enough in, and you might even go past the teeth! Now isn’t that a unique experience?

Enjoying the Hashimoto Arina! Felaman 2WAY hole

Because the textures on the inside of this onahole are quite subtle, you might want to choose for a runny/low viscosity lubricant. This way you can still enjoy the finer details of this double sided onahole. On the other hand, you might want to use thick/high viscosity lube simply because it won’t leak out as much, won’t dry as quickly, and because it feels more natural, which suits the Hashimoto Arina! Felaman 2WAY hole perfectly.

The 2WAY hole in short

The ‘Hashimoto Arina! Felaman 2WAY hole’ is a two-sided onahole with a pussy on one side and a mouth on the other side, both modeled after the JAV actress Hashimoto Arina. Going in from the oral side will allow you to experience a semi-realistic mouth with teeth and a tongue, which then tightens into a very tight throat. It then slowly loosens up further into the tunnel with several pleasure bumps and lumps. Going in from the pussy side means that you start with the triple G-spot section and all its bumps. As you continue in deeper you will experience a tunnel that gets tighter and tighter.

Hashimoto Arina! Fella-man 2WAY hole specs

Weight: 435gr
Length: 17,5cm
Width: 6,2cm
Tunnel length: 17,5cm
Made by: EXE

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