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EXE Japan is a large player in the Japanese adult toy industry. They have excellent quality for the price and a wide assortment of masturbators. EXE pays great attention to detail, not just when it comes to the inside of the onahole but also its outside and the packaging.

You can split their onaholes into two broad categories: those based on real-life porn stars and those based on anime characters.

AV Star Onaholes

The line based on real-life women is a great way for them to showcase their attention to detail. Although of course these onaholes aren't life-sized you can see how they based the masturbators on the adult actress. Check out the Julia+ 's aereola or her labia, for example! When it comes to this kind of realism, EXE is hard to beat.

Hentai Onaholes

However, the onaholes based on anime characters certainly aren't lacking in detail either. Several of their toys even feature a ribcage! This sturdy, harder plastic gives the onahole a unique sensation and also helps create a stronger vacuum effect. These ribcages are a returning theme in several of their toys and come in multiple price ranges.

For example, the small Puni Ana 3D has one, but the much larger Puni Ana SPDX. It is amazing to feel the ribcage and pelvis under the skin and it provides a sensation that can't be matched by any other multi-layer onahole. A must-try!

The anime artwork on EXE's boxes always features beautiful, innocent girls with big eyes. Especially the mascot art on the Puni Ana boxes is a big fan favourite with her tanned skin, blonde hair and cute, if somewhat minimalist, outfits. This style of younger looking girls is often referred to as "loli" or "lolicon". If you think this art might cause your mailman or neighbours to raise some eyebrows, don't worry: we ship everything in a discreet box.

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Puni Ana Miracle DX box and body
Puni Ana F EXE Oral Onahole

Puni Ana F

Puni Ana DX Kiwami Onahip
Magic Face onahole 3 Custom Blowjob head
Gimmick Kari Rich package
Horny JAV Actress Eimi Fukada Ass Onahole

Horny JAV Actress Eimi Fukada Ass Onahole

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Puni Ana SukeSuke DX
Puni Ana Virgin onahole

Puni Ana Virgin


1 to 12 of 29 products

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