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Description / Japanese Real Hole Indecent Rara Anzai

Japanese Real Hole Indecent Rara Anzai

Rara Anzai is one of Japan’s most popular porn stars at the moment. Is it her cute smile? Her large, natural-looking breasts? Or the passionate way she fucks, always ready for more? Whichever it may be, EXE created a lifelike pocket pussy, allowing you to experience this stunning JAV star’s pussy for yourself.

Compact and effective Real Hole with thick walls

The shape is a fairly simple cylinder that is a little narrower in the middle so you can maintain a firm grip. The front features a beautiful Kupa-style pussy with a narrow coin slot entrance. Just by looking at it you can already tell that these lips will firmly grab your shaft!

At 313 grams this onahole isn’t a heavyweight - but she’s got it where it counts. The walls are thick and meaty, pushing back against you with every stroke. The well between the end of the tunnel and the back of the onahole is fairly thick, too, so you can pound into it and feel like every blow is cushioned.

Stretchy, durable material


With thick walls on all sides of the onahole you might wonder whether there’s enough room left for the tunnel itself. At 11 centimeters it is a little shorter than the average erection, but this is part of the design: the material EXE chose for this onahole is pliable and stretchy, adjusting to your size and stretches to fit. After all, a real woman’s pussy also stretches when she is aroused!

This stretchiness means that the material doesn’t damage easily: where other onahole would rip or tear, the Indecent Rara Anzai real hole simply stretches a little further. Another factor which makes this onahole more durable is that it only consists of a single layer: multi-layered onaholes can sometimes have issues with the materials not being stuck together perfectly.

Of course taking good care of your onahole is essential if you want it to last for as many uses as possible. Be sure to use plenty of high-quality water-based personal lubricant and to read the information on our pocket pussy cleaning products .

Well-designed and varied textures

The Indecent Rara Anzai onahole’s stimulation starts right at the entrance. Miss Anzai’s labia are made to grip and caress your shaft continuously, and give you the feeling that she doesn’t want to let you go. Directly behind the labia is a little channel that holds and reapplies lube with every stroke, keeping it from dripping out.

What follows is an interesting-looking waffle texture: the walls of this onahole are covered in subtly ridged and bumped textures which feel surprisingly lifelike. Then, the tunnel narrows down, forcing you into a meandering hallway covered with organic bubbles along with larger protrusions. Thanks to the onahole’s stretchy materials, these drag along as you move back and forth, creating an amazing sensation.

The Real Hole finishes you off by narrowing the tunnel down further into a wedge-like shape, squeezing down around your glans with a gentle but firm grip.

Rara Anzai… or Rion or Shion Utsunomiya?

If you think Rara Anzai looks familiar, but you haven’t heard the name before, that’s very well possible. Like many adult performers she has gone under different names, and has previously released videos under the name Rion Utsunomiya and Shion Utsunomiya. Rara Anzai has stunning J-Cup breasts which feature prominently in many of her videos. Many porn stars have round, fake-looking implanted boobs, but Rara’s are soft and hang in a more natural way.

Ready for a mindblowing experience? Watch Rara Anzai bounce up and down on screen while feeling this clone pussy around you!

Japanese Real Hole Indecent Rara Anzai In short:

Onahole length: 14 cms
Onahole width: 7.2 cm
Tunnel length: 11 cms
Weight: 313 grams
Includes free lubricant sample
Single Layer Onahole
Made by EXE

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Customer Reviews

4.7/5 Based on 7 reviews
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    57% (4)
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A Tight Handful of Pure Love
Review by Ruka's Lover
badge-check Verified Buyer
This tiny onahole packs quite a punch, giving a tight stimulating feeling as you use it. The deeper you go, the wave of nubs will rub you, pair this with the tightness and it will bring you to a wonderful end!
A sleeve like this is also quite easy to hold and of course, you can adjust the grip making it suitable for anyone. Highly recommend it for beginners!
Review helpful?
Very bland experience
Review by eMW
badge-check Verified Buyer
After two rides, this hole remains a massive disappointment. It seems to have been designed for use on the Asian market, because for an average-sized guy like me it is both too tight and too short. Also, due to how hard the material is, the above-mentioned tightness is pretty much the only thing I feel. Now, I will be the first to admit that my John Thomas is desensitised, but I get more stimulation from the softest version of Tomax Venus Real (which barely hugs you) than I do from this Rara Anzai. I'm really not happy with this purchase, especially as it isn't even a cheap model.
Review helpful?
Good Ona
Review by L R
It is affordable and enjoyable. For my personal taste it lacks the sucktion you get off of other onas but overall it is worth a buck.
Review helpful?
good onahole ! lovely
Review by yoyo
good onahole very good sensation orgasmic !!
Review helpful?
Best Onahole on this price range
Review by moonya
One of the best toys I've ever had. The inside feels realistic, not too tight nor loose and boy that suction is something to die for. I'm gonna buy this again definitely. Worth the buy.
Review helpful?
Review and Cleaning Tip
Review by J
The material has held out without problems so far after a few months of use (two to three times a week).
The sensation is too intense for me. I would prefer something softer and smoother.
Thorough washing and drying is more troublesome due to the tunnel's irregular shape. I recommend drying it by tearing off pieces of tissue, folding them in half and sticking them in it with one finger, making sure to dry the end- chamber. Remove the tissue and repeat this process two more times.
Review helpful?
Fantastic product with a great price
Review by Mandis
So, this product really caught me off guard. It is definitely, hands down the best sex toy I've ever had. It is by far the most realistic feeling out of the bunch (my wife agrees). I'll just have a quick pros and cons summary;
-Very affordable
-Feels durable
-Feels good on your hand (as in, not sticky, not too hard or too soft)
-Quite realistic feeling interior
-Not too tight like some toys might be
-Lightweight and small (personally this is what-ever to me, but some might like them being lightweight)
-Stretchy material, go wild with it

-there's no cons

Overall I'd say this is 100% worth a buy. So if you're even considering, just buy it, you will not regret it.
Review helpful?

More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 311.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Porn
Tunnel length 110.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer

International Reviews

Great product
Review by TOSHI
This was my first order, and I couldn't be more satisfied. From the moment I opened the package, The product exceeded all my expectations, the texture is unbelievably soft. it has a very good sensation, I recommend it
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