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Description / Anzai Rara OPPAI

Anzai Rara Oppai: real scale tit sex toy

Ever dreamed of getting up close and personal with one of Japan's hottest AV stars? Now's your chance. Meet the Anzai Rara OPPAI — the sex toy that turns fantasy into reality!

Imagine the feel of Rara Anzai's famous curves in your hands, her soft, luscious breasts at your fingertips.

Crafted to perfection, each detail of Rara's stunning J-Cup size bust is recreated for your ultimate enjoyment.

From the soft, yielding texture to the tantalizing, perky nipples, it's all about giving you that real-deal experience.

Get ready to explore, indulge, and drive a motorboat in these bad boys!

Rara Anzai’s J-Cup tits

Rara Anzai, known for her electrifying presence in Japan's AV scene, is more than just a star. Her measurements are listed as 105-58-89 centimetres— a key to her fame and the fantasy of many.<brrara Anzai Oppai tit sex toy

EXE faithfully copied the shape and size, making sure it's as close to Rara’s real assets as possible. But the magic is in the multi-layer structure. Inside, there’s a soft, squishy material that feels like the bounce of real boobs.

Wrapped around this is a tougher material that mimics the feel of soft skin. It's sturdy, so it can handle some rough play, but it still feels gentle and real to the touch.

Nipples That Get You Going

And the nipples? They're a game-changer. They're made from a slightly different coloured material for that ultra-realistic look. 

Because they're poured into the mould instead of just painted on, you can touch, twist, and play with them as much as you like without worrying about the colour fading.

They're perky, they're playful, and they add that perfect finishing touch to your experience!

Anzai Rara Oppai: Your Gateway to Ultimate Paizuri Fun

Here's a bit of Japanese for you: "Oppai" means breasts, and "Paizuri" is all about boob fun, if you catch my drift. These are pretty handy terms to know, especially when diving into the world of sex toys.

Designed for Your Pleasure

The Anzai Rara Oppai is a dream come true for paizuri fans. These breasts are made to be squeezed together, built sturdy to handle all the fun you plan to have, over and over. Plus, they've got a flat base to keep things steady, so you can focus on the good stuff without any distractions.

You can use your hands to press them together, or get creative with a bikini or a tight shirt for that extra bit of fantasy. And hey, don't forget the lube! A good slick of it will make everything feel so much smoother and more enjoyable. You won't have to hold back at all.

Live the Fantasy

Ever daydreamed about getting handsy with Rara Anzai's boobs? Whether it's touching, squeezing, or more, this is your chance. Dive into a world of pleasure and satisfaction that's just a click away!

Rara Anzai Oppai Measurements

Weight: 3100 g

Width: 32.5 cm

Height (underboob to collarbone): 24 cm

Depth (baseplate to nipple): 10.5 cm

Brand: EXE

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Customer Reviews

4.8/5 Based on 4 reviews
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Amazing for stress/anxiety relief
Review by OPPAI
It seems to me the entire budget went into making this product feel the best it can as visually it does lack detail however, they feel amazing. I haven't had them a day and they have soothed my anxiety distress (I have multiple diagnoses if that isn't too personal to expose). But this product, to me, is not a sex toy, it has a similar purpose to a fidget spinner or stress ball but also makes a brilliant pillow - you can put it in a t-shirt or hoodie and voila!
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I like them
Review by Jindrich
+ The size is realistic compared to grown-up women.
+ Visually, it is really beautiful, espacially hanging while hold on the collarbones.
+ Pleasant to paizuri and to cuddle.
- Not very realistic. The surface feels artificial (but this diminishes when being wet/lubricated or clothed). The gel filling should be more liquid - they are soft, but rather sponge soft than boobs soft.
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Great addition if you have plenty of onas
Review by M. R.
Ofc those breasts are nothing compared to a masturbator but they offer visual pleasure especially when they jiggle. Grabing them also feels very nice but one must consider that they only enhance the experience.If you only wanna bust a nut your are far better off spending those bucks on different products like onaholes, hipps etc. BUT if you already own plenty of those this is a great addition in your collection.
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There Awesome and BIG ! they feel great
Review by CAM
I own a lot of different pair of breast toys, Anzai Rara OPPAI is closest to a natural large breast.
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More Information

Product weight 3,100.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Porn
Open/Closed Open
Number of layers 2 layers

International Reviews

Rara Anzai Oppai
Review by Manuel
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit den Produkt sie fühlen sich sehr gut und weich an vom material würde ich sagen ähnlich wie bei einer fleshlight die Nippel sind gut verarbeitet und die brüste insgesamt auch von der Größe würde ich sagen eine sehr gute Handvoll je Brust tittenfick geht sehr gut man muss ein bisschen probieren aber es geht und es fühlt sich herrlich an fast wie echt. bei der Reinigung würde ich ein PH neutrales duschöl nehmen und dann ölen und dann talkumfreies Baby Puder daraufgeben danach fühlen sie sich an wie echt ein unfassbar befriedigendes Gefühl
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