Puni Ana Miracle DX


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Puni Ana Miracle DX

We won’t deny it… Size matters! The Puni Ana Miracle DX is the newest and largest member of the Puni Ana series. More realistic than ever before!

10 kgs of fun

EXE’s Puni Ana Miracle DX is one of the largest masturbators around. It is a full torso, measuring 50 cms from neck to ass and weighing in at a whopping 10 kilograms. She has a beautiful curvy body, with large breasts, a slender waist and a nice round ass. Her breasts are filled with a different material, which makes them feel even more realistic. Squeeze them, fondle them, or cover them in lube to slide yourself between them, Russian style! When you fuck this “love torso” her breasts will bounce up and down with every thrust.

Pussy and ass

miracle dx

Of course Ana has more than breasts to pleasure you! She has two full-length holes, both of which are encapsulated by pink material. This material is especially designed to be stimulating, and it’s a little firmer than the outside. It also looks very inviting when you spread her pussy or ass and see the pink inside. Because this is a full torso, the walls of the tunnel feel incredibly thick, meaty and realistic. You can feel them push against you as you enter!

Puni Ana Miracle DX has a smooth, simple pussy with puffy outer labia. Apply some lube, grab her hips and slowly slide yourself inside, feeling her labia grab you. The first part of this tunnel is lined with long ribs which are covered in dozens of tiny nubs. These will envelop you and pleasure you from every side. After this delicious entrande the tunnel tightens a little and switches to texture of small bumps. These give mild, pleasant stimulation, and towards the back the tunnel gets a little wider again to give some room to the sensitive tip of your cock.

Looking for something different? Her ass has a completely different internal design, with organic, asymmetrical folds, bumps and fins swirling around your cock. This tunnel is nice and tight, as you’d expect!

Soft, firm and solid - three types of material

Puni Ana’s skin is made from a high quality TPE. This is designed to feel like a young woman’s skin, so it is soft to the touch and feels amazing when you squeeze it. This lifelike material jiggles and shakes, just like a real woman!

The second type of material, already mentioned earlier, is the pink material that’s wrapped around the tunnels as lining. It’s a little firmer than the outside and designed to feel good when you penetrate it.

The final material is the skeleton structure. This sturdy material forms the Miracle’s ribcage, spine and pelvis. It helps the torso keep its shape, but also makes it feel much more realistic when you grab her!

In short…

If you want to really spoil yourself, grab this gorgeous, curvy torso and have your way with it! The three different materials make EXE’s Puni Ana Miracle DX extra realistic, and you’ll have hours upon hours of fun with her!


Height: 50 cm (neck to ass)
Width: 26 cm (hip to hip)
Depth: 17 cm (belly to back)
Weight: 10 kg
Double tunnel
Internal skeleton
For use with water-based lubricant
Produced by EXE

Additional Information

Number of holes2
Number of layers2
ReusableIs reusable
Bone structureWith bone structure
Tunnel length150mm
Product weight10000gram
  1. Nice Torso Review by Flo

    This torso is way far my best. I am Happy that it did not begin tearing after 6 month either and I must say the breasts feel very realistic. The holes are well stimulating and have a good rigged structure. If you want to buy something really nice I can reccomend this one (Posted on 11/1/2021)

  2. Best Toy ever i had Review by Andi

    I have tryed many toys before but this one is by far the best. Size and weigth are well balanced, bouth tonnels are well made and can feel really realistic depending on the lube you use. (Posted on 8/11/2021)

  3. Very fun but not worth the price Review by Rando

    Has a lot of weight to it which is great, but since the weight isn't very evenly distributed it can make positioning and cleaning very awkward. I also noticed some tears, this toy can degrade rapidly if it isn't taken care of properly. It's a lot of work and money compared to other toys, but it's amazing when you start enjoying it. (Posted on 1/7/2021)

  4. Expensive but worth the experience Review by Silver

    It has a good size and is versatile, the weight is different but like another had commented the breasts should be a little bit bigger and the issue with the material tearing should be addressed considering the price tag. Other than that I would normally watch material when using other onaholes but this I can use by itself (Posted on 9/20/2020)

  5. Great Service,but the product is too fragile Review by marco

    Ordered some time ago,this product is serving me a great service feeling wise, the weight of the torso slamming down on your member is very pleasurable and tiring. The only thing I have to complain is that the material is way too brittle, it is very prompt to tearing even with the most attention possible. I would have preferred it more resistant but overall I cant really complain on its effectiveness. Good job to the producer. (Posted on 10/13/2019)

  6. Very good Review by Fin

    Probably the best masturbator on the market. Only dolls could be superior (Posted on 1/11/2019)

  7. really big Review by Den

    This toy is big and the packaging looks nice. The breasts of this toy are very bouncy and fun to play with. The Stimulation for both tunnels is good. Vaginal tunnel gives good pleasure while the anal tunnel is more tight. But keep in mind you have to take your time when drying after you cleaned it.A lot of thanks to Motsutoys for the extra Kyo lube and Maintenance powder even if i didnt order those. I will make use of those extras. (Posted on 1/10/2019)

  8. Very stimulating and pleasant to use Review by Lunex

    The front hole is perfect. It has a nice suction and you don't ever want to stop doing "your thing".
    The back is also really pleasant and tight but still smooth to use. And at last the breast are nice and round. They have a very realistic feeling to them. For my personal opinion / fetish they could be bigger. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ (Posted on 8/11/2018)