Puni ana SPDX - 4kg

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Puni Ana SPDX

The Puni Ana SPDX weighs 4 kg and you feel that when you receive the box. Naturally like every product that

The packaging of the product itself is a big gold colored box with a manga drawing (made by the well-known Japanese artist named Maruku) on it.

The Puni Ana SPDX fits in it exactly. And in the box there is a plastic blister pack with lid, where you can store her in.

Puna Ana SPDX

Super Deluxe

The Puni Ana series is incredibly popular and now finally also available in Europe. The SPDX is the heaviest, biggest and most realistic Puni Ana Onahole till date! Hence the name SPDX which stands for Super Deluxe.

At first sight it looks like a normal torso onahole with a vaginal and anal entrance. But it is in fact one tunnel that flows in a U-shape, which makes cleaning (rinsing with water) a lot easier.
Super Deluxe Onahole

Above you see the entrance and how big the product is, relative to the hands.

Bones and ribs

The product in its whole feels solid, the exterior feels soft to the touch and has a skin like structure.

If you hold the Puni Ana SPDX by the underside and hold her horizontally, she won’t bend. You can bend her with two hands and when you squeeze her, her ribcage moves. By doing that you can create extra vacuum, but more on that later.
Puni Ana SPDX Bone

This 32 cm long torso doesn’t bend is due to the skeletal structure that is processed in it.

This skeleton looks lifelike and is a big part of making this Onahole even more realistic. Anatomically it is not entirely correct, but that can’t spoil the feeling and the fun. Due to the belly being a bit softer is than the sides where the ribs are located, you have a good grip on the Puni Ana SPDX.

Puni Ana SPDX 3 layered design

The vaginal part of the tunnel exists of two halves. And also two kinds of materials!

According to the manufacturer this material will adjust to the user. The ‘memory material’ changes, to adapt to your penis.

We haven’t experienced this yet, but feel free to write a review about this.
Puni Ana SPDX 3 layered design

The first part of the vaginal tunnel is a bit tighter than the latter part. Because of this the penis stays in a better erection and this variety in the tunnel feels very good. The vaginal wall is covered with nubs and ridges which give a nice stimulation.

A strong sucking effect was to be expected with a torso with a closed backside. By penetration the tunnel which you don’t penetrate will be compressed, so a lot of vacuum arises.
In the tunnel which you don’t use, you can put in a vibrating egg or a small vibrator, for even more pleasure.

The anal tunnel has a corkscrew like structure and no extra inner layer.
On the cross section below you can see that the Puni Ana SPDX is constructed of multiple layers.
SPDX cow girl onahole

This torso onahole is perfect for missionary and cow-girl positions. But you can also sit before her or lay her on a table as you can see on the on the lower right image.
SPDX VS Kaitai Shinsho

For comparison you see on the image above, from left to right, the popular Puni DX, the upgraded SPDX and the Kaitai Shinso. It can be seen very well that the SPDX is the biggest of the three.

The Puni Ana SPDX Onahole characteristics:

Size: 32 x 20 x 11cm
Weight: around 4 kg 
Inclusive lubricant
Special skeleton structure
Packet lubricant of 15ml is included

Additional Information

  1. Absolutely divine mini-torso with amazing weight and flexibility. Review by Anon

    Onahole Internals:
    The internals are very soft and gentle, particularly the vaginal tunnel. The structure has one particularly brilliant design: As you approach orgasm at the end of the U-shaped tunnel, the small nubs and ridges keep you inside and stimulate you (almost against your will), inviting you to a very happy end indeed. I will say that I haven’t noticed much of that “memory material” effect.

    The butt is small, with a soft-yet-firm springiness to it that makes groping it a true pleasure. The anal hole feels slightly tighter and harder and has a fairly intense structure halfway in. Good for intense strokes as you bounce the small butt on your lap – this way, the structure stimulates your crown. The plain, small entrance isn’t ideal for keeping lube in, particularly if you use a thin lube.

    The cross-section images suggest that the tunnels are fairly short, but I found them deceptively deep – probably around 15–16 cm, maybe more with stretching. The outside is modelled with a puffy vulva that is good at keeping lube in and which adds to the effective length a bit.

    The large cardboard box really is a work of art – loli art though, so beware. I’d decorate my home with it, but …
    The toy comes with 15 mℓ of house-brand “excellent” lube, good for 2–3 times at most, which fits the soft style of the hole but dries somewhat quickly. I’d recommend replacing that with a medium-thin lube that allows the internal structures to shine, like Tomax’s Insomnia or slightly thinned Onatsuyu.

    Positions and Use:
    At 4 kg, this thing is pretty hefty for one-handed use, though the bone structure prevents floppiness. Works well two-handed with your hands around the waist, bouncing the butt on your lap, which I find very satisfying. The toy is also just large enough to use in bed in a spooning position (or in missionary on a dakimakura pillow). Due to the weight, you can easily place it on a bed or table and use the toy hands-free.

    The U-shaped tunnel makes flushing (with a shower hose) very easy, but drying is difficult, particularly all the way at the back. I recommend getting some drying sticks to go with it. The material can take some abuse despite being very soft.

    I can’t stress enough how well the combination of weight, bone structure and firm materials complement each other. The way this toy bends feels frighteningly realistic. This blows me away every time I use the toy, and the weight and size allow for so many positions that the toy has easily become my favourite. It pays for that with above-average storage and cleaning requirements, but I’d take that trade-off any day of the week. (Posted on 1/20/2020)

  2. Wonderful Review by Ecnahc

    This was my first big onahole, and it is by far the best one I own.

    The feeling of it and the weight behind it is just incomparable to anything smaller I've ever tried.

    Cleaning is super easy despite it not having an exit hole at the back. The trick is to let the water stream push directly into one hole, so it comes out of the second one.
    Drying is a completely different matter though, but it is worth the hassle. The holes are quite deep and are connected, and it's very hard to dry it especially at the connecting point of the two holes. (Posted on 7/4/2019)

  3. Almost 5/5 toy but be aware of potential factory defects! Review by J

    I would give 5 out of 5 starts BUT -
    Unfortunately toy had 2 defects on top of it (opposite side of the 2 holes where the neck would go) - tears about 3-4 CM deep. I'm not sure how this will impact the longevity, only time will tell, but they're still there.

    Other than that, it's a superb toy. The weight and look if it is perfect. A lot of people tend to complain about cleaning, but I found it to be really easy. (Posted on 2/23/2019)

  4. Amazing torso Review by Dave

    I had my doubts if it was really worth the money. Spending nearly ~200 euros on 1 onahole rather than the usual 30-50 euro range. I had semi high expectations and even so I had my doubts. The SPDX somewhat exceeded the expectations I initially had. If you are looking for something difference or looking into buying a hip or torso the SPDX won't disappoint you!

    Material is really good. This torso really has some weight to it, its weight is 4kg. The feel of the torso is really great, with its bone structure paired with its weight it really feels like you are holding something more than a piece of rubber. I don't claim it's going to be as close as person or a full doll but it doesn't add more sense of immersion compared to a regular onahole. You can use the weight to your advantage and experience new things you can't do with a regular onahole.

    The SPDX feels really amazing. After having about 20ish Onaholes this is one of the best things I've had. I want to go into more detail about the feeling. I can describe the feeling as pretty soft its not really hard material. The anus is a little harder but the pussy is relative soft both are not too hard material. The intensity of the onahole I would describe as moderate intense. It's not over the top but it's also not too laid back. Part of the stimulation also come from the weight and grabbing the onahole. If you're just laying down you can really feel the weight slamming down everytime and it's going to give you a whole new experience paired together with the stimulating texture of the onahole.

    The only biggest con is drying and powdering this onahole. Drying this onahole is not easy but not impossible, just harder then the rest.

    Like said above, I've tried about 20ish onaholes and SPDX is probably one of my favorite onaholes up to this point. I've been hyped up for onaholes before and left with a lot disappointments. I don't think anyone who buys this onahole will be disappointed. (Posted on 12/8/2018)

  5. great hip Review by Den

    I think this product gives very good pleasure and the cleaning is managable. The more difficult part is drying it completely. However this toy is worth it and if you take good care of it you will have lots of fun. I used the Black Friday Deal to get this toy and i dont regret it. Its my second hip and i also heard this toy has many problems so i was worried but i was lucky to get mine in a really good condition. (Posted on 12/7/2018)

  6. Best onahole money can buy Review by rood

    The quality, sensation and weight of this onahip are off the charts. This is arguably the best hip you can buy and it's definitely worth the money.

    Of course not every product is perfect, sadly this hip is incredibly hard to clean, and I'm not kidding, it is difficult. There's no exit hole in the back and both holes are connected, this make a lot of water end up at the deepest part which is the U-turn where both holes connect. This part is very hard to get to and definitely has to be dried if you want to keep your hip hygienic. I still don't understand why they haven't designed a hole in the back.

    The Puni Ana DX might be a more appealing purchase if you're interested in a similar but slightly inferior product with a much better cleaning solution. (Posted on 11/3/2018)

  7. Great Review by Stosten

    A big improvement upon regular onaholes. And obviously much larger https://i.imgur.com/TsEeqvM.jpg (Posted on 11/1/2018)

  8. the best Review by palit

    best onahole i have (Posted on 8/15/2018)

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