Fluffy Tachi Fuwatoro

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Fluffy Tachi Fuwatoro

This onahole by PPP is unusual inside and out! The square exterior houses a long, soft tunnel with a very interesting texture… Read on to learn more!


When you look at a lot of onahole packaging you’ll see that they nearly always feature one of two types of women: skinny with small breasts, or skinny with large breasts. Both are beautiful, but sometimes you want something a little softer. The girl on the cover of the Fluffy Tachi

Fuwatoro has some extra meat on her bones and has a beautifully rounded out figure, with large plump breasts and soft thighs. She lies on her back, her bra pulled down to reveal her chest and her legs lifted up so you can peek under her skirt.

Unusual shape

It’s not just the girl on the packaging that’s shaped unusually by onahole standards! The onahole itself is squared off, rather than round. It’s easy to grab and also means that the walls have varied thickness.

The onahole itself is fairly plump; at 530 grams it’s nice and thick but still easy to use with one hand. The material is “fuwatoro”, soft. It feels like soft skin to the touch and is quite flexible, stretching to accommodate any size and then squeezing you gently.

This type of material generally provides a softer type of stimulation. This is ideal if you have a very sensitive member or want to last longer before climax. You can further finetune your experience by using different lubricants. A thinner lube will allow you to feel every detail, while a thicker lube evens everything out a little more.

Unusual tunnel

Fluffy Tachi Fuwatoro onahole inside

Is there anything about this tunnel that PPP isn’t innovating? The internal texture of the Fluffi Tachi Fuwatoro is exciting and different. When you stretch the opening a little you will see a round tunnel with 8 “ribs” running through it lengthwise. Each of these ribs curves in and back out, creating three tighter spots and two wider ones. To top it off, all of this is covered in a fine structure of microridges which will cause a little extra pleasant friction and stimulation.

After this very enjoyable ride, the tunnel suddenly opens up into a wider end room which is also covered in micro ridges. The edge created by the sudden widening of the tunnel feels great if you slide your frenulum back and forth over it. This room continues into a shallow, narrow passage, which takes some effort to push into.

The soft, flexible material means that you can use the Fluffy Tachi Fuwatoro in more ways than simply thrusting in and out. Grab hold of the bottom and twist the top, and you’ll feel all eight ridges curving around youm stimulating you in a vortex like you’ve never felt before. Stretch it, turn it, squeeze it, thrust slowly or quickly - there are lots of ways to enjoy this onahole by PPP!


Box size: 17.5 x 12 x 8 cm
Onahole length: 15.5 cm
Onahole width: 6.5 cm
Onahole weight: 530 grams
Material: TPE
Includes free PPP lube sample

Additional Information

  1. Heerlijk zacht Review by M

    Als je niet tegen sterke stimulatie kan of er niet van houdt is deze onahole perfect. (Posted on 12/24/2019)

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