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Description / Super Hard and Tight ~Cyclist Girl~

Cyclist Girl: Hard and Tight

Experience one of ToysHeart's most unique onaholes, with a hardness and tightness that is off the scales!
As made obvious by the title, this pocket pussy truly focuses on giving you a tight and hard experience. When we say 'hard', what we really mean is the sharp turn in the onahole itself which is unmoving and very sturdy. Despite this, it is still pleasant to the touch, and is sure to give you pleasure. You should try it out!

Toy’sHeart’s hentai scenario onaholes Cyclist girl transparent onahole

Imagine you go out for a ride on your bicycle with your blonde Cyclist friend
Her underwear is really digging into her ass and crotch, which, combined with her spats, means you can really see the outline of her pussy. In fact, her entire cyclist outfit is quite tight, so you can really see her every shape, especially around her chest!

Let this fantasy of riding out on a warm day enhance your experience as you plunge yourself into this onahole. Just imagine how hot it would be to be out there, just the two of you, building up some sweat from the cycling, followed by a whole different kind of sweat-inducing activity...

The see-through pocket pussy

The most apparent feature on the outside of this onahole is of course the colour of the material. The Cyclist Girl onahole is partially see-through which means that you can see what you experience to an extent. You can see that sharp turn coming up as you follow the road, but can you truly prepare yourself? Indulge yourself in the pleasure of being able to see how you are stimulated. Twist and turn the onahole more more accurately to maximize the incoming pleasure!

But this is of course not all there is to the exterior of this onahole. The entrance of the Super Hard and Tight ~Cyclist Girl~ is actually in the shape of a greedy vulva, opening its inner labia like wings to envelop you. The entrance is also quite tight, which, combined with the overall firmness of the product, should make it quite obvious how intense your experience is going to be with this pocket pussy.

An intense ride sex toy for men

The interior tunnel is really like a ride on your bike, you go in and are greeted by the coiling curves of the road. This is in the form of gentle spiral shaped grooves in the walls that guide you further within. These somewhat hollowed out grooves almost feel like firm ridges that draw you in deeper and deeper.

Then, suddenly, a collision! A hard turn causes you to crash and go into a super ‘hard spiral’. The sharp turn comes in the form of a change in direction of the tunnel in combination with the material being partially firmer. This sudden increase in firmness will create an intense, ungiving stimulation certain to drive you wild.

But the pleasure doesn’t end there. Ready yourself for the next strong stimulation as you continue past the tightening of this firm pocket pussy. Greeted by the countless bumps, the tunnel continues to caress you for maximum pleasure. The firm lumps are the second noticeably firm part of the tunnel, and they actually stimulate you while the sharp turn is still massaging your shaft.
Beyond the bumpy road section lies an opening which will help create a vacuum, which means that the entire experience actually gets further intensified.

Maintenance of your tight onahole

With a firm onahole like this, be sure to use the right kind of lubricants to maximize your experience. Check out our personal lubricants and choose the lubricant that best suits your tastes.

Always clean your onahole after usage to make sure you can enjoy the onahole without worry and ensure its longevity. To assist you in this task, be sure to check out our various pocket pussy cleaning products and guide on how to use them available at the bottom of the page.

Super Hard and Tight ~Cyclist Girl~ in short

The Super Hard and Tight ~Cyclist Girl~ is a firm and tight, partially see-through onahole. Its defining feature is the sudden change in direction inside the tunnel which comes with a strong firmness that gives an intense simulation. Combined with the vacuum capability and overall firmness, the Super Hard and Tight ~Cyclist Girl~ is designed to give a very intense experience.

Weight: 385gr
Length: 17,5cm
Width: 6,5cm
Tunnel length: 15cm
Material: TPE
Made by: ToysHeart

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Customer Reviews

4.9/5 Based on 3 reviews
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    67% (2)
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super hard and tight - use a lot of lube
Review by Asuna
As the name suggests, she is indeed super hard and tight. To be honest - of all the onaholes I own this one is the hardest I have and I like it. It is something different. Certainly not for everyone. You need a lot of lube unless you want a painful experience. Usually before use I oil her up a little bit, then you can see more through the material.
Review helpful?
Tight and nice bend
Review by M
The onahole is extremely tight and has a bend in the middle of it.
The bend feels amazing, but theres a lack of texture behind the bend and at the end of the onahole.
Review helpful?
tighter than most onaholes
Review by tj
the bend is really nice. the end point is boring though.
Review helpful?

More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 385.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 150.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
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