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Hon-Mono Hard

This new pocket pussy by G-project strives to be intense, stimulating and realistic! Its design may be simple, but don’t let that turn you off: sometimes simpler is better, especially with G-project’s excellent execution.

Stimulating and durable material

If you’ve already tried several onaholes you might have noticed that firmer materials tend to be more stimulating. This is because the textures on the inside of the tunnel don’t squish and bend as easily, rubbing against your skin with more pressure.

The hard version of the Hon-Mono was made especially for people who need or like things to be a little more intense.

An additional benefit of this firmer material is that it’s a little more durable and will damage or split less easily. This ensures you can enjoy the onahole again and again.

Intense texture with hidden womb

G-Project’s Hon-Mono Hard has a simple but extremely effective design: after pushing into the puffy cameltoe vagina you’ll feel the tunnel wrap around you with its many well-defined ridges. Its length is made to match that of the real deal: 80 mm.

But if you want to go deeper, you can… Deep inside the Hon-Mono hard there is a womb structure, a final room made out of a firm pink material. You’ll have to push through the cervix (also called “portio” in Japanese onaholes to get in here and feel the smooth walls push against the sensitive tip of your dick.The cervix is set at a realistic angle, unlike msot other onahole.

This onahole can create a sucking vacuum thanks to the firm material, open tunnel and firm womb-structure. Simply squeeze out the air before you glide in and you’ll feel this pocket pussy suck you back in after every stroke.

Hon-Mono hard properties

Onahole length: 15.5 cm
Onahole width: 6.5 cm
Onahole weight: 410 gr
Tunnel length: 12 cm
Includes free Pepee lotion sample
Includes free G-Project storage bag

Additional Information

Number of holes1
Number of layers2
ReusableIs reusable
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length120mm
Product weight410gram