G-Project is a Japanese adult toy manufacturer with a great eye for quality and detail. They say their aim is to "make adult products properly so that, experienced or not, you will not be disappointed". And it is true!

Puni Virgin onehole series

G-project has many great onaholes, but the Puni series was the one to give the brand wider recognition.

We have three excellent toys in the Puni Virgin series: The Puni Virgin, the Puni Virgin 600 and the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro. These onaholes are all made out of great material and have a very good interior design. Definitely worth a try!

The Puni Virgin is the smallest toy in the series and has become something of a classic. It was made together with Toy's Heart and when the ideas of these two brands come together they make an excellent toy. It is made out of soft, supple material and has a great tunnel. No gimmicks here, just a great onahole.

The Puni Virgin 600 is the slightly bigger sister. The art on the box shows a cheerful teenager in a cute uniform. Are you excited to see her or is that an onahole in your pocket? This masturbator weighs 600 grams and is designed to fit in your hand nicely. The smooth curve of the waist and hips allows your hands to grab her comfortably, so you can concentrate on other things.

G Projects Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro is the heaviest of the three and weighs, unsurprisingly, 1000 grams. Of course you should never call a girl heavy, but the weight really adds to this onahole. You can grab and squeeze the material and it is amazingly soft! Fuwatoro means "fluffy" and it is a very apt name: we see very few toys where the material is this soft, squishy, bouncy and jiggly. Regardless of your size, the Fuwatoro will stretch to accommodate you and provide you with great stimulation. The special material will allow you to "bounce" the toy up and down, something you should absolutely try!

All three toys are made of a single material rather than a multi-layer design. While multi-layer designs can offer more versatility, they can also get damaged more easily because the layers can split from one another, especially if you want to turn your onaholes inside-out to dry. The single-layer design makes the Puni Virgin Onaholes easy to clean, which makes them well suited to people who are new to onaholes or those who find easy cleanup important.

Ju-C Onahole series

The Ju-C onaholes are where G-Project gets really creative: they often try new combinations of materials and designs. While the outside is deceptively simple, the Ju-C series has some of the most innovative sex toys for men on the market.

The Ju-C series also has great value for money: the onaholes are small and affordable.

Of course G Project knows that the amazing box art is important to many of their customers and as such they give the appropriate respect to the many artists who work for them. On their website you can view all the box art without text overlaid and you can also see who drew it and find more of their work. Excellent job, G Project!

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Puni Virgin 1000
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Little Hip Kominato main
Niku-man delta onahole
Niku-Man Raw ultrasoft onahole

Niku-Man RAW

Niku-Man 2200 soft and chubby big onahole

Niku-Man 2200

Goku Tama Virgin Bubble Onahole

Goku Tama Virgin Bubble Onahole

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Ju-C 7 Tight Embrace G-Project Onahole
Puni Virgin 3200 onahole Japanese pocket pussy
Goku Hida Virgin Octopus Onahole
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Goku Hida Virgin 1100

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Hon-Mono Hard onahole

Hon-Mono Hard


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