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Description / Next-Generation Hole Kuu-Sou

Onahole Built With Super Realistic Skin-Like Material

The Next-Generation Hole Kuu-Sou will make you think you’re penetrating an otherworldly creature. It’s super soft and velvety and built with a unique material called “Argon” — you’ll feel like you’re inside a pussy of a hot girl from another universe that wants to pleasure you.

Made With Skin-Like Material

The plastic-like feel of many other onaholes can be a major turn-off, but with the Next-Generation Hole Kuu-Sou, your shaft won’t be able to tell the difference from the real deal. Made with a super advanced material called “Argon”, this onahole feels soft, life-like, and not sticky at all. The material is used not just on the outside but on the insides as well, and your penis will absolutely love the feel of it.

The package features a sexy busty catgirl to make your fantasies come true — once you’ve shoved your dick inside the Next-Generation Hole Kuu-Sou, you’ll automatically get the naughtiest thoughts.

Heavy, Stretchy With Multiple Vaginal Bumps For Incredible Stimulation

The Next-Generation Hole Kuu-Sou is super soft to the touch and stretchy. But that’s not all, it also features multiple bumps inside the tunnel that stimulates your cock and offers intense friction, making you feel like you’re actually filling the pussy of a fantasy girl. Moreover, it’s heavy, weighing 800 g, and feels amazing when you’re holding it while jerking off. It’s also super durable and will be milking your tool for a very long time.
Super Realistic Feel For Intense Ejaculations
The unique and high-quality Argon material makes you feel like you’re pumping a real pussy. This life-like experience will make your imagination go wild, and you’ll experience intense orgasms. You’ll love the way it fits around your dick — just switch on your horny mind and have your way with the Next-Generation Hole Kuu-Sou.


Number of holes: 1
Height: 175 mm
Weight: 850 g
Brand: G Project

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Product weight 920.00 g
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