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Niku-Man RAW: the thicc girl onahole

This chubby addition to G-Project’s Niku-Man onahole line is made of extra soft materials and features a better-than-real texture design.

G-Project’s Niku-man series: loveable thicc anime girls

For all lovers of thicc, chubby, happy girls with a little extra meat on their bones, G-project has the Niku-man series. The mascot for this collection of onaholes, designed by Sumeragi Amber, has pink hair and a cheerful outlook on life. She’s got a big sex-drive and isn’t afraid to show it!

The two other onaholes in this series so far are the [Niku-Man 2200] and the [Niku-Man Delta]. The 2200 is the heftiest toy in the series, weighing over two kilograms. It features Niku-Man’s whole lower body and has an anal tunnel in addition to the pussy. The Niku-Man Delta is a little heavier than the RAW, but has a much more experimental design, with three triangular flaps which fold open.

As we’re used to from G-Project, the material and design are excellent. The momochi material is soft and squishy without becoming oily, and doesn’t have that unpleasant smell that onaholes can sometimes have.

niku-man raw onahole

Momochi Material: why pick a soft onahole?

The Niku-Man RAW weighs around 400 grams and feels very solid in your hands thanks to the dense material and thick walls. The front features a beautifully shaped cameltoe pussy, where the inner labia are hidden entirely by the puffy outer labia. Not only do these puffy labia help guide you into the opening, they’re also a lot more difficult to damage than thin, flimsy labia.

The more firm the material, the more stimulation it gives. But is more always better? With a firm material the textures will be very unyielding, so unless you like things to be really intense you are limited to fairly subtle textures and designs. With a soft material like the G-Project Momochi Material you can do some amazing things!

And G-Project clearly didn’t hold back: the outside and pussy of the Niku-Man RAW look smooth, but once you push through the entrance you are enveloped by an amazingly well-shaped texture. The sea of soft, round protrusions clings to you and moves back and forth with every stroke. Thanks to the subtle curves in the tunnel and the differences in size between the bumps the resulting sensation never gets boring. Use water-based lubricant for the best experience.

Vacuum onahole: suction to enhance the pleasure

But the Niku-Man RAW has even more to offer! In addition to the excellent texture, this pocket pussy can also create a vacuum to further enhance your pleasure. A slight vacuum is created when you squeeze the air out before penetrating an onahole. Because the elastic walls try to spring back into position they create a mild suction. Because the Niku-Man RAW has such thick walls and a relatively open tunnel it’s perfectly suited for this technique!

The Niku-Man Raw in short

This soft and chubby onahole may not look like much from the outside, but the intensely shaped inside texture really shines with the Momochi Material. We can always count on G-Project to release high-quality onaholes!

Niku-Man RAW specs

Weight: 380gr
Length: 14,5cm
Width: 8,5cm
Tunnel length: 12cm
Made by: G Project

Additional Information

Number of holes1
Number of layers1
ReusableIs reusable
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length140mm
Product weight380gram
  1. Not worth it, too soft.. Review by Federik

    If you are looking for a great soft onahole, look elsewhere (Tororochi, it's way better and cost less) this onahole is probably one of the worst, reading the other reviews I was expecting a premium soft onahole, I got SOFT, and nothing else, it's too bland for feeling something, it's so soft and small that if you use your hand without it, you get a better experience..
    Anyway it's extremly easy to clean, so at least there's that..
    Honestly for that price point it's not worth it at all, but even at half I think it's not worth it, it's too small and bland to have that price..
    At least MotsuToys service it's always 5*, the only positive note here.. (Posted on 9/8/2022)

  2. Very nice Review by Echoh

    Bought it some months ago as a first onahole. I don't really have anything else to compare but the feeling inside is amazing, it isn't too tight it feels just as the art on the box suggest: generous. It is relatively easy to clean and it has a nice weight to it. The only complaint I have is from a visual perspective: the hole is just a round hole with no lips or whatsoever but it really is nothing but a minor flaw (Posted on 9/1/2021)

  3. As a first onahole its rly good, soft and pleasant, easy to clean. Review by nix

    As my first one i cant rly compare it, but its great and no regrets, cant last as long as in a real v but not as pleasant as a real one, like ofcors its not, but its still great and does the job done. (Posted on 3/20/2021)

  4. excellent pocket pussy Review by ytrewq

    super soft
    excellent insides, feels great
    stretches amazingly, fits all sizes
    used many times, still feels new
    bit expensive but worth it
    (got it before from jlist) (Posted on 4/18/2020)