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Description / Puni Virgin Zero Lv. 2

Puni Virgin Zero Lv. 2 - New Version of Legendary G Project's Onaholes

We present to you Puni Virgin Zero Lv. 2! It is an updated version of G Project's previous popular male masturbation toy, but the new version brings even more exciting ideas for you. It’s super soft on the outside, comfortably ridgy inside, and stretchy allowing you to bank against the back of the onahole, so it gets bigger and accommodates the whole of you.

The new definition of pleasure

First of all, the onahole is incredibly soft, thanks to the innovative “momochi” material. It feels amazingly like the natural skin but is very flexible and stretchy. Once you touch the toy, you will want to squeeze it with your hands all day long like a soft boob or a meaty ass of a beautiful woman, just like the one illustrated on the box.

The exterior of the onahole stands out from the rest of similar toys as well. Its bubble design is like nothing else you have seen before. And if you spread the toy open a bit, you will see a series of soft bumps and ridges inside the tunnel, tempting you to slide inside immediately.

For men who like a long-lasting experience

If you like to enjoy yourself for a long time, gently massaging the soft texture of the masturbator along your shaft, then Puni Virgin Zero Lv. 2 is the perfect choice for you!

Some of the other onaholes are too stimulative and intense so that you finish very quickly before playing with the toy enough. But Puni Virgin Zero Lv.2 delivers a different kind of satisfaction. It’s large and has comfortable space inside the tunnel so that you can enjoy the process for a long time without over-stimulating yourself.

At the same time, G Project was able to find the perfect balance. So, the toy feels soft but still can be tight and sucking enough if you squeeze it and want to experience a bit more pressure.

How to use Puni Virgin Zero Lv. 2

Using Puni Virgin Zero Lv.2 is as easy as any other onahole. Just add a bit of lube and slide inside the toy. But the manufacturer of Puni Vergin Zero Lv.2 made sure that you could enjoy it at its most. So, they added extra accessories that will make your experience even better.

The toy comes with a pack of Pepe lotion, three cock rings of different sized, and a zip lock back for you to store your toy between the uses safely.
Slide one of the rings on your member to prolong the masturbation even longer while you enjoy the sweet soft tunnel of the onahole. Are you already in the mood? Order it today!

Specs and Features:

Material: Soft Momochi skin
Unique bubble-style outer layer/skin
Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 80 mm
Weight: 400 g
Includes lubricants, 3 silicone rings, storage bag

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First soft toy, Softer than expected
Review by ThighGuy
badge-check Verified Buyer
Did not have much experience with soft onaholes prior to this. This is a very low stimulation product with a simple inner design. If you prefer longer/less intense sessions this is perfect. If you prefer higher stimulation with more varied inner designs this may not be the best for you. 4/5 stars simply because it’s too soft for me to enjoy as much as other onaholes , but does still have some nice sensations with a thinner lube to feel the inner designs better.
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More Information

Product weight 400.00 g

International Reviews

Fijne Onahole!
Review by Gilles
De Puni Virgin Zero Lv. 2 is een zeer interessante onahole, dit voornamelijk omdat het een vrijwel volledig gladde binnenkant heeft. Aangezien er geen nopjes aanwezig zijn ervaar je iets minder stimulatie dan bij andere onaholes, maar dit neemt zeker niets weg van het feit dat het extreem zachte materiaal absoluut geweldig aanvoelt. Dit is een onahole die gemaakt is voor avonden waar je alle tijd van de wereld hebt om langdurig te genieten. Hiervoor zijn de meegeleverde cockringen een leuke bonus. Een bijkomend voordeel van de gladde binnenkant is dat het kuisen zeer eenvoudig is en je onahole droog is in no-time als je een droogstick gebruikt. In conclusie heel fijn product!
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