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Hon-Mono Senbiki - Amazing Japanese Anime Onahole. 420 g

Hon-Mono translates from Japanese as ‘the real thing.’ And it is exactly what you get when you order this amazing Japanese female ninja character onahole!

Starting from a sexy illustration on the packaging by talented Noe Kurebayashi to the highly realistic tunnel. The toy will genuinely feel to you like the tight and rewarding pussy of an athletic warrior. Hon-Mono Senbiki will make an excellent addition to any male sex toy collection.

Uniquely designed toy

If you are looking for something special, Hon-Mono Senbiki is just the right choice. The exterior of the toy is uniquely designed in line with the warrior theme illustration from the packaging. It is not only pretty but also applies a soft but thick pressure on your glans with your every push inside the tight, textured tunnel.

The outside material is very nice to the touch. It is made of realistic skin-like material of the highest quality. Thanks to the design, the onahole is also easy to hold in your hand, enhancing your experience.

The real thing inside

The inside of Hon-Mono Senbiki is made to replicate the tight feeling of a real woman's vagina. As you thrust inside, you can easily imagine yourself with a young girl who is having it for the first time. Multiple bumps and ridges inside will feel nice and meaty to your member, increasing the realistic feeling for maximum stimulation.

Although this young warrior is tight and new to the world of sexual pleasure, her hole can withstand even your long and hard desire. Hon-Mono Senbiki creates a good vacuum, so you can feel it’s sucking on you inside, asking you for more.

Look at the image of this great hole inside. You first push yourself through a long narrow tunnel, feeling each of those many textures as you slide deeper. Fine folds run in all directions, rubbing against you and creating a tingling stimulus. The end chamber of the tunnel has a widening that helps create a vacuum if you press the onahole tight with your hand. It also has a very narrow part almost at the end that will apply an incredible stimulation to the sensitive head of your shaft if you go all the way inside.

Do you already want to experience it? Don’t stop yourself and order now!


Dimensions: 155 x 65 x 65 mm
Weight: 420 g
Includes lubricant
Closed-type masturbator
Made in Japan
Brand: G-Project

Additional Information

Number of holesNo
Number of layersNo
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length0mm
Product weight0gram