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Description / Niku-Man Suji Muscle

Don’t let this strong, beautiful woman intimidate you: enjoy her pussy instead! This thick, strong onahole has a stimulating texture and employs the power of vacuum suction to milk you to the last drop.

Muscle Niku-Man: strong onahole for strong feelings

This onahole by G-Project has a simple yet effective design.

At 400 grams, it is fairly large, and the thick walls help increase the pleasure. It’s a little thinner in the middle for easy grip, and the entry is a stylized pussy: a small hole between puffy outer labia. The more delicate inner labia are not included, which makes the entry simple and resistant to damage.

The inside of the Muscle Niku-Man is covered from start to finish with irregularly shaped blobs and bumps. A little lubricant lets these stimulation points melt together into a smooth wave of stimulation with every stroke. The larger bumps get dragged along a little with each stroke, making this pussy feel a little “clingy”

A pocket pussy designed for vacuum suction

The tunnel of the Niku-Man Suji Muscle looks a little wide at first glance. This isn’t to make it more suitable for people with larger penises (the material would stretch anyway) but to give this onahole the power of vacuum suction!

How it works is as follows: before entering, you squeeze out all the air. Thrust in, and your penis is now blocking the exit. After every stroke, the Niku-Man’s thick walls try to bounce back into their original shape, but they can’t because your penis is blocking the etnry and keeping air from coming in!

The result is a mild suction which increases blood flow, enhances pleasure and makes the pnahole suck you back in after every stroke.

Niku-Man Suji Muscle Specifications

Onahole length: 14 cm
Width: 12 cm
Height: 8 cm
Tunnel length: approximately 11 cm
Weight: 400 grams
Made by G-Project

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Really intense
Review by Someone
Nothing to say about the quality but it was the first toy I didn't enjoy because of its hardness. Try it if you REALLY like intense stuff
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 400.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 110.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
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