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Description / Niku-Man Delta

Niku-Man Delta: attack from three sides!\

She can’t have escaped your notice: the deliciously curvy, pink-haired chubby young woman is appearing on more and more of G-project’s onaholes. If you see this ona box, you know the material is going to be soft and squishy without compromising on stimulation. The Niku-Man Delta has a unique entrance and a tunnel which will have you begging for more. Learn more below!

Unique triple-threat onahole entrance

G-project designed an entry unlike any we’ve seen. We’ve seen puffy vulva, delicately curled labia and of course just plain holes, but the Niku-Man Delta has something else entirely: three thick, puffy flaps fold to the side, revealing the entry in the middle. These triangular flaps spring back into shape when you release them, giving gentle pressure against your shaft. If you push all the way inside of this soft onahole, they spread out against your skin, giving a unique type of stimulation.

These triangular protrusions are what give the Niku-Man Delta its name: they are shaped like the Greek letter Delta, or Δ. Inmathematics, Δ can also stand for change, which makes it extra fitting for such a novel design!

Like a plump woman: soft material and thick walls

The Niku-Man Delta is made out of G-Project’s Momochi Material, which has been designed to be soft and stretchy. This material feels amazing in your hands: just like with a woman, you can sink your fingertips into the soft flesh of this onahole. And like a real pussy, the Delta will stretch to accommodate you, springing back after every trust.

Of course the softness of the material isn’t the only thing that matters. If you’ve ever bought a cheap, flimsy pocket pussy you know how thin walls can ruin your experience: you can feel your fingers through the sides, and because there’s so little material it hardly delivers any pressure. With the Niku-Man Delta, this isn’t something you’ll have to worry about: the thick, plump walls feel exactly as good as they look.

This thicc onahole weighs 600 grams, which is right at that point where most people are still comfortable using it with a single hand.

A curvy, bumpy tunnel

Once you’re past the Niku-Man Delta’s triangular flaps a tight entrance awaits you. Push through and you will be swallowed by a tunnel with an interesting and very effective texture. The first area is covered with large round nubs, flexible enough to slide back and forth with every thrust. Then the tunnel tightens a little, and a spiral covered with smaller nubs wraps around you as you slide deeper into this pocket pussy. Towards the end, the tunnel widens again, rubbing at you with more large bumps and taking a sharp turn downwards. By turning the onahole different ways you can control which side of you is hit by this curve, tailoring the experience to your preferences.

In short…

The Niku-Man Delta has a novel design, with subtle textured protruding triangles that grab onto your shaft, combined with an incredibly well-designed internal texture. The squishy-soft Momochi material makes this onahole feel amazing, and we’re sure this will be a new favourite.

Using and cleaning the Niku-man Delta

Like most onaholes, this pocket pussy is best used with personal lubricant.

After each use, rinse it well and dry it thoroughly, so no bacteria can grow on it. Soft material generally benefits from using maintenance powder: it will rebuild the soft outer layer and keep the onahole from becoming oily or sticky. Want to know more? Check out the text on our cleaning page for more detailed information.

Niku-man Delta specs

Weight: 600gr
Length: 16cm
Width: 8,5cm
Tunnel length: ~14cm (stretchy)
Material: Momochi Material TPE
Made by: G Project

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Unique and Intense
Review by Pepe
This onahole has some heft to it, it's quite soft but not too soft. Questions marks on the durability, I have noticed some tearing on the entrance after some use.

Stimulation can be intense, feels like there's a lot going on inside. The outer flaps are a unique feature and they feel a bit weird but in a good way, obviously designed to mimic the feeling of a BBW and I think they've achieved this.

Cleaning is a bit awkward, the flaps can get in the way and the angled end chamber adds to the difficulty but overall not too bad.
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 600.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 140.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
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