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Description / Puni Virgin 3200

G-Project’s iconic Puni Virgin series always makes our hearts beat a little faster. The soft material, cameltoe pussies and beautiful designs always make for a great onahole. The Puni Virgin 3200 is a virgin-themed mini hip which weighs 3.2 kilograms, making it one of the largest toys in the series so far.

Soft, bouncy, squishy material

The Puni Virgin 3200 feels incredibly soft to the touch: G-project’s patented material feels very pillowy, and while it can be stretched out easily it always springs back into shape afterwards. Not only does slamming into the soft material with every thrust feels incredibly lifelike and satisfying, the bounciness also allows you to do fun things like bouncing the toy up and down in your lap.

The large size also allows you to try different positions, like missionary or cowgirl. Grab onlto her waist, the perky round butt, or sqeeze the soft belly, 

puni virgin 3200Thick and puffy labia

Like the other Puni Virgin toys, this mini hip has a thick, rounded design with two little ass cheeks and a puffy, protruding cameltoe pussy. But the 3200 has one big advantage over the other toys: sheer size! It is light enough to use with one hand, but there’s plenty of space for two hands if you want to grab onto the soft material.

The large puffy labia can be used in a way few other onaholes offer: you can fuck the soft slit between her pussy lips, sliding back and forth without actually penetrating the toy. The sensation of this is comparable to paizuri (tit sex) but this has the additional benefit that you can plunge deep into a hole when you can’t take the teasing anymore.

Stimulating and extra deep pussy

Once you’re done enjoying those labia you are ready for the tunnel itself. As always, apply plenty of personal lubricant, and if you want a more lifelike feeling prepare it with a sex toy warmer for a couple of minutes.

The Puni Virgin 3200’s tunnel is an incredible 15 centimeters long (and stretches to accommodate even larger lengths) and consists of several different zones. The round entrance has a little membrane that forms a seal around your member, keeping the lube from leaking out. What follows is a tunnel lined with two sets of pleasure bumps. These long raised areas are covered in subtle textures that shine thanks to the soft material: they have a lot of “grip” against your skin, creating stimulation without being harsh or irritating. After this, the pussy tunnel narrows a little leading you past several thin ridges and into an area with spiralling fins. The final area is a smooth womb-like structure that gently cups and massages your sensitive glans.

Feel the ass get tighter

As if that wasn’t enough, the Puni Virgin has a second hole for you to enjoy. The anal tunnel has a slightly tighter design that curves up and down, creating subtle pressure in different places. It is lined with the same texture throughout: lines of soft, flexible nubs cover every part of it. Because the material is stretchy, these bumps move back and forth with every stroke, creating a wonderful life-like feeling. The tunnel tightens a little as you go deeper, creating more stimulation.

A few free extras with your onaholepuni virgin 3200

G-Project has added a few extras to the box. Free onahole lotion (lubricant) samples are pretty standard, but they have also added some of their cleaning sticks. These sticks have a little sponge on the end which makes it easier to clean your onahole well, and is a great addition if you have sex toys with deep tunnels.

They have also added a shaped plastic blister. This protects the toy during shipping, but also gives it good support and keeps it from deforming. If you want to use this for long-term storage we recommend adding a layer of breathable material though, like a sex toy sack. Enclosing a sex toy you just washed in plastic will trap the moisture inside which can lead to all sorts of problems.

Puni Virgin 3200: another G-project masterpiece

This sex toy for men is a great addition to the Puni Virgin series: its size and weight make it extra fun and lifelike, and the soft material pairs beautifully with the intricate tunnel designs.

Onahole height: 22.5 cm
Onahole width (hip to hip): 20 cm
Onahole depth (belly to back): 14 cm
Tunnel length: 15 cm
Onahole weight: 3.2 kg
Single-layer onahip
Closed tunnel
Contains free lube samples
Contains free G-project sponge brush cleaning sticks
Made in Japan, with Japanese materials

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Nice and different, but not durable.
Review by Mr. R.
This is a quite different toy. First of all, it is huge. The giant cameltoe can be used for sliding between, before you actually enter the vagina.
The lower part (where the openings are) is made of really soft material. Feels very life-like. The upper part is out of more firm material.
The soft material does not squeeze very hard, but no problem, this is more of a toy for long play-sessions. Sliding around and in/out. Very nice for that.
But, it has durability issues. Already after a couple of uses, the openings (both vagina and anus) ruptured. And no, I am not big. Just normal size.
The toy is of course still usable, even with ruptured openings, but feels like low quality and reducing that first penetration feeling.
Also, the intersection between the softer and firmer material hadn't fused on the inside. The outside was fused nicely, but not the inside. This resulted in really big ghost cavities inside, which are pretty much impossible to clean. I actually ended up throwing my Puni 3200 in the garbage because of this, and because of the ruptured openings, only after 1.5 months use. It can of course be that my particular toy was a bad seed, but still.
I really like the concept of the Puni 3200. But perhaps G Project could make a 2 - 2.5kg version out of only the soft material. Also making the openings much more durable by making the openings gradually fillet into the inside. Reducing stress-points on the material. Perhaps give it some kind of internal structure/skeleton like SSI's products?
Regardless. The toy is nice to play with, but do not expect durability. At least that is my experience.
Note, I have the G Project Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro as well, which also is very soft, but seems to be much more durable. That one is much smaller than the Puni 3200, though.
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More Information

Product weight 3,200.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 150.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
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